Gift Festival is a new campaign similar to Card Flipper or Carly's Fortune Telling where you periodically receive a set amount of randomized Gift Boxes per day by doing various tasks in Duel Links. These gifts are set to open after a specific time (although this time can be reduced by Dueling!),

There are four types of gift boxes, each with their own randomized rewards:

Gift Boxes

Gift Box Timer Rewards
Rainbow Gifts 4 Hours Gems, BOX Chips, Skill Chips, or UR Tickets
Gold Gifts 1 Hour R Tickets or Duel Orbs
Silver Gifts 10 Minutes R Jewels or Gate Keys
Special Gifts 24 Hours Gems
  • Additionally, a Double-Up Chance might randomly occur, giving you the chance to double your rewards by prolonging the timer for any given Rainbow Gift.

Gift Box Timers can be reduced by:

  • Dueling Against Legendary Duelists
  • Dueling Against Standard Duelists
  • Dueling Against the Vagabond
  • Dueling in Ranked Duels

You can only receive 3 Rainbow Gift Boxes a day (The first gift you get every day will always be a Rainbow Gift), and only 20 Gift Boxes total throughout the day, resetting at 01:00 EDT.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Special Gift Boxes when they start spawning on January 14th, as you can only hold one at a time, so you better be on the ball when it comes to reducing its timer! Each player can receive up to 4 Special Gift Boxes throughout the duration of the campaign.