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Event Information

  • Declan Akaba is here, unlock him to gain access to Loading... !
  • This event takes place from January 5th to January 13th.
  • Duel against Legendary/Standard Duelists and in Ranked Duels to collect "Action Cards" which you use to duel Declan at the gate.
  • Unlock Declan on January 6th by completing the unlock conditions
  • You can get 60 Action Cards from playing 3 Ranked Duels every day.
  • Complete LID Curriculum Panels to earn special Accessories and an Icon
  • Unlock new Skills for Declan Akaba , Emergency Contract Laundering and Forbidden Contract by completing the missions on January 7th and 10th respectively.

Declan Akaba Drop Rewards

Farming Decks

Lvl 40: Nephthys Yubel


Last Turn

  • Summon Loading... with 10,000 or more ATK by discarding your high level Yubel Monsters (2 Ultimate Nightmare and 1 Yubel)
  • Use Loading... to destroy your Terror Incarnate to summon Loading... (This will also clear Declans field if it's clogged).
  • Use Loading... giving control of your Loading... .
  • Enter Battle Phase and Attack your Montage Dragon with Ultimate Nightmare, dealing 10,000 effect damage.


  • Replace any missing Sangan or Witch of the Black Forest with more copies of Fire King Avatar Yaksha or Yubel pieces

Lvl 40: Magician Girl Turbo

Disclaimer: Magician Girl Turbo is usually a speed farm deck. This means it aims to end the Duel quickly, but might not have answers to every single card in the opponent's Deck, use with your own discretion.


  • Can be run Skill-less. Skills that can be run include Draw Sense: LIGHT , Draw Sense: FIRE , Draw Sense: EARTH , and LP Boost Alpha
  • Your ideal opening is to either summon Loading... (searching Chocolate) or Loading... (Discarding Berry to Draw a card), otherwise you want to attempt to stall with either Loading... or Loading...
  • Your Goal is to get 2 Loading... on the field (by using the effects of Berry, Chocolate, and/or Apple) in order to draw through your deck with their effects.
  • When applicable, use the redirection effects of your Magician Girls to protect the Chocolate Magician Girls, otherwise draw through your Deck as much as possible with Loading... and Loading... (Make sure you pass each turn with either 2 Chocolate Magician Girl or 1 Chocolate with a Berry in Graveyard and another Chocolate in Deck if possible)

Last Turn

  • Note that the final Turn doesn't necessarily need to occur when you're out of cards, if you have the means to Xyz Summon a Rank 4 and Loading... with over 10k ATK, that can make up for any Duel Assesment you would be missing (your mileage may vary, of course).
  • If Declan has a set backrow Xyz Summon Loading... use its effect to Destroy it. Otherwise Xyz Summon a Prismatic Rank 4 (Most People have Zubaba General), Loading... (As it's a Spellcaster you can use Loading... on), or Loading... (if you have two Loading... ), and get the bonus Duel Assessment for Xyz Summoning.
  • Activate Loading... to Fusion Summon Loading... with 5 differently-named Spellcasters and use its effect to wipe the Field.
  • Activate both Loading... on Quintet and Attack Directly for Victory

Declan Akaba Level 40 Decklist

If you have a unique farm deck, spot a mistake or just want to say something post it in the comments below!