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Update December 21st

  • Floors 41 - 50 are unlocked! Keep climbing to obtain your third Loading... !

The Different Dimension Tower is back and this time the D.D. Guide will take you on a trip to the Sacred Light Dimension. Battle against Light Monsters through 50 floors to reach the top and obtain all three copies of Loading... !

Event Information

  • This event lasts from the 14th to the 25th of December
  • Your life points carry over between duels in the event
  • If your life points hit 0, you must wait until they recover or use a LP Potion
  • You can obtain 3 LP Potions a day from dueling in PVP
  • Clearing floors and completing specific missions will let you obtain D.D. Orbs, which can be used to open the D.D. Box with event exclusive card rewards

DD Box Cards

Vylon Tetra
Diana the Light Spirit
Lightning Blade
Layard the Liberator
Lightray Gearfried
Lightray Diabolos
Moon Envoy
Dark Witch

Dark Dimension Pack

Exodia Necross
Skull Meister
Patrician of Darkness
Tri-Horned Dragon
Getsu Fuhma
Flame Ghost
Ally of Justice Rudra
Contract with Exodia

If you missed out on the last D.D. Tower event, you have another chance to obtain its exclusive cards in the Dark Dimension Pack found in the D.D. Box

Top Player Thoughts on Event Rewards


Loading... in Bujins will be interesting to test. I think Bujins are the best deck to use that card right now; they are all LIGHT and they are always in the grave.


With Diabolos the "5 or more" condition is much nicer than the "exactly 5" condition shared by the Elemental Lords, making him fairly easy to summon in the right decks.