Event Information

  • Primo is here, Unlock him by defeating the Raid Duel with at least 2,100,000 Points after August 18th
  • Unlock the Wisel Combined Skill for Primo after August 20th
  • This event takes place from August 17th to August 23rd.
  • Duel against Legendary/Standard Duelists and in Ranked Duels to collect "Traces of Iliaster" which you use to participate in Raid Duels!
  • Get 40 Traces of Iliaster and a Duel Mode: Turbo Duel per Day through Ranked Duels!
  • Raid Duels are Battles where your opponent has incredibly High LP and ends the duel in 5 turns!
  • Extra Deck Monsters do triple damage in Raid Duels, Loading... does five-times the damage, so use a Synchro or Xyz Deck deck that can deal a lot of damage in a short mount of turns!
  • Earn Chests after Defeating Meklord Emperor Wisel! (Similar to Duel Carnival)
  • Keep Dealing Damage to Earn Points for Rewards!

Event Rewards

Forbidden Skills & Cards

Notable Cumulative Point Rewards

Points Reward
10000 5 Gems
60000 5 Gems
120000 5 Gems
200000 Loading...
280000 5 Gems
400000 Loading...
480000 10 Gems
1040000 10 Gems
1200000 Loading...
1280000 10 Gems
1900000 10 Gems
2300000 20 Gems
2700000 20 Gems
2900000 Loading...
3000000 20 Gems
3800000 20 Gems
4400000 20 Gems
5600000 20 Gems
6800000 20 Gems
8000000 Loading...
8600000 30 Gems
13400000 30 Gems

Sample Raid Decks


  • This is Just a Sample List, the goal is to equip a Double Attacking Xyz Monster with Loading... to maximize damage.

If you have a unique farm deck, spot a mistake or just want to say something post it in the comments below!