Duel Awards - Eternal Fame Awaits!

The "Duel Awards" are a mini competition during events. There are three categories; the winners have their names posted here - immortalized forever on Duel Links Meta!

Best Drop - hoor

Highest Event Points - lvmatterhorn

Most Prismatic Drops - SalaBenji


  • Don't forget to fill out the event survey - let Konami know what's on your mind!

Yami Marik Lvl. 50 will now spawn in Duel World (DM) with a stronger deck in tow! If you've collected at least 1,000,000 Event points and completed the other five challenges you'll be able to Duel him to obtain the almighty protector of the sun and sky, Loading... (or if you already obtained it last event, you get an Ultra Rare jewel) and the new skill Power of the Tributed !