In case you missed it, This Week's Meta Weekly was an unfortunate showing for ZEXAL world, but it was a great showing for Combo Shiranui, taking several Top 32 Spots. With the meta still figuring out its footing we had two off-meta decks in the finals, with ChuChuMTFKR taking out Minty's Blue-Eyes with his Invoked Roids! If you want to learn more about ChuChu you can check out his TPC Profile here!

Interview with ChuChu

How does it feel to win your first DLM tournament?

Feels amazing to be honest, this was my 4th Meta Weekly final and I previously had lost 3 Meta Weekly finals and 1 MCS final, so finally breaking the curse feels amazing.

Honestly losing so much in Top 32 was starting to get to my head so finally having a succesful Meta Weekly run will probably make my next Top 32 losses much more enjoyable, or at least bearable

How did your day go with Invoked Roids? Any notable matches?

In the beginning I decided to play this deck because I didn't like the position Invoked had in the meta (and I still don't think it's in a good position) so I just wanted to try to play what I thought would be the "least bad" Invoked variant so I could test it for clan wars and other team competitions. As any Invoked variant it punishes misplays from your opponent heavily and to be honest I had some quite fortunate moments where my opponents didn't exactly play correctly, so I won some games I shouldn't have. Looking back at my tournament run I had some lucky moments so I still wouldn't necessairly say this deck is good in the current meta.

Anything you'd like to say about your Decklist?

I would say the main deck is pretty standard, just 2 of every generic good trap which are good in different matchups, didn't want to play cards which are not good vs a lot of the field and very good vs a small nieche of decks like wod.

When it comes to my Side Deck I would say Loading... and Loading... are fairly standard. When it comes to Loading... , it was the only card i could Destiny Draw into that would set me up for an OTK through Loading... or Loading... ,something like Loading... is not that great against SSA because they can just banish 1 WATER to protect it so this card had utility in both matchups, I can either bounce Loading... or Necrovalley and summon Loading... .

When it comes to Loading... , that is my "pet card", I just love the versatility it offers me, being good against Shiranui, Blue-Eyes and giving me an alternate win-con in some other matchups because I can avoid deckout if I shuffle one Transmigration with the other.

Lastly, do you have any Shoutouts you would like to make?

Shoutout to the ones who were in the voice chat with me during the tournament run, to everyone who sent me messages before and after the finals wishing me good luck and/or congratulations and shoutout to trapdexter for losing in the semifinals because I would've had no chance against him

Winning Decklist:

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