In case you missed it, This Week's Meta Weekly, we had an ahem interesting lineup of decks, many of which popping up in Top 32. In the end, however, we had a classic matchup of Shiranui vs Invoked Magician Girls, with UGotR3kt once again coming out on top for his second Meta Weekly win. If you want to check out his first interview, you can do so here

Interview with uGotR3kt

How does it feel to win another Meta Weekly? Any memorable matchups today?

It felt pretty awesome! My most memorable matchup was in Top 16 against Magnet Warriors.

What made you go with Invoked Magician Girls? How do you feel about its place in the meta?

I think it's the best answer to the meta right now! The only bad match-up is against Loading... Crystrons, but I still managed to get the win easily enough.

Would you like to explain any of your Deck choices?

The deck was pretty standard! The Second Loading... and Loading... helped me a lot during the Meta Weekly!

Lastly, do you have any shout-outs you would like to make?

Shout-out to my friends Psych0P, Chris., and Xarasta for supporting and helping me overcome the meta!

Winning Decklist:

That's all we got for this DLM Champion spotlight! What kind of questions should we be asking in the future? Comment down below!