A lot has happened this season of Clan Wars, a lot of New Clans, old ones coming back and more! And as we are now in for Last Chance Qualfiers of Clan Wars we wanted to take some time to talk with the Clan that is in 5th place as of right now and going to Playoffs. So, without futher ado, let's get started with our interview!


Interview with Bricks & Potatoes

You are a returning Clan to Clan Wars, what are you thoughts on this Season so far?

It's been a great season and it's great to see the league in such a good spot. We have so many good teams, just browsing through the LCQ teams, theres so many strong teams and it just shows how competitive this league is. Even browsing outside of LCQ, we see so many strong teams such as Phoenix and Vorpal Swords, it just shows how difficult this league really is right now.

Anything you would like to share about your Clan?

B&P has been here since the start, with multiple deep finishes (Season 1 was top 4, won the league in Season 2, missed playoffs in Season 3, and placed 2nd place in Season 4). We also have a ton of success in other leagues, MCS, KC cups, etc. We want to replicate our previous success and try to finish this season as best as we can.

What do you think about this meta? How did it influence your decks choice during the wars?

The meta is very diverse right now. This can make planning very difficult and it requires a lot of effort every week. Other teams/regions all have different takes on the meta so it's important to continuously make adjustments and give our players the best chance of being able to compete.

How was your previous matches against other Clans you faced?

We did well for the most part, but got absolutely smacked in 2 of our weeks (against SEM and FO), while we were unlucky, we made crucial errors in both line ups and technical play that we definitely want to work on going into playoffs. On the brightside, we won a lot of our round 1s and had 4 2-0s this season.

How was your last week war against Faceless Duelist?

Faceless Duelists is a great clan and it came down to the wire but we were ultimately able to win. We didn't play perfectly and made some errors with our line ups, so it's something we definitely want to work on to prepare for our playoffs run.

Any comment from your best players so far (gift)?

gift: While I have the most wins on the team, it's been a team effort for sure. We all test a lot and have a very friendly (but highly motivated) environment where players feel comfortable and want to do our best.

How you feel going to Playoffs?

While we are 5th overall going into playoffs, we definitely want to do better. Luckily KC GT is before playoffs and many of our players really try hard for events like that, so I feel we will be in good shape heading to playoffs. Nonetheless, we will definitely practice a lot because none of our opponents will be easy.

What were your toughest war so far?