A lot has happened this season of Clan Wars, a lot of New Clans, old ones coming back and more! And as we are now in Week 8 of Clan Wars we wanted to take some time to talk with the Clan that is in 3rd place as of right now. So, without futher ado, let's get started with our interview!


Interview with Forbidden Ones

You are a returning Clan to Clan Wars, what are you thoughts on this Season so far?

Comparing to previous seasons, Clan Wars this season in general has become a lot tougher. This due to influx of a lot of Japanese/Chinese teams that bring their own unigue decks/techs which makes it harder to prepare for a war.

Anything you would like to share about your Clan?

Forbidden Ones is a team consisting of players of different regions including NA,SA,EU and Asia.

What do you think about this meta? How did it influence your decks choice during the wars?

I think with all these different players we have a nice understanding of different decks/techs from other regions which helps us to prepare.

How was your previous matches against other Clans you faced?

I think all our previous matches have been tough. Our toughest loss was against the Japanese Warafuzaki which we lost 0-2. I think we could have done a better job preparing our round 2. Its important to reflect on those moments and take those lessons with you to the next round.

What are you thoughts on your next opposing clan? (Dark Clan)

Dark Clan is a very strong team who defeated strong teams like ROOKIES and TCG Clan. We have to carefully study them and come with full force against. It is going to be a great match!

Any comment from your best players so far (Sham)?

Sham: I think we been doing well because everyone been playing well, everyone does a lot of testing. There's a lot of chemistry and practice makes us better. I think crystrons are the best deck. HidekiBro best leader. Shoutout zaidking, ASAP, Wayne Kenoff, Kagami (Kenoff Gang).

Finally, what were your toughest war so far?

Our toughest war against the current undefeated team X-Factors. We lost 1-2, but all the 3 rounds were very close going 3-2. They are doing amazing this season as new team!. I am excited to see if they go undefeated this in the regular season!

Any Additional Comment you would like to share?