A lot has happened this season of Clan Wars, a lot of New Clans, old ones coming back and more! And as we are now going for the Grand Finals of Clan Wars we wanted to take some time to talk with one of the clans that are going to Semifinals. So, without futher ado, let's get started with our interview!

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Interview with 1%


You are a returning Clan to Clan Wars and the 1st Champion on Season 1 what are you thoughts on this Season so far?

From the start we knew this season would be tough but it's nice to finally be back in the top 4, we're happy with how we have played this season and are ready for the matches to come. This season had its ups and downs, our season score was 5-3 but we had a really high tiebreaker which helped us to clinch our playoffs spot and allow us to skip the LCQ. The games so far in the playoffs have been spectacular and intense. If the playoff matches are any indicator, the finals are going to be extraordinary.

Anything you would like to share about your Clan?

Utmost excellence is expected at all times. That and fat stacks of cash. We're the oldest clan, Champions of season 1, an exclusive luxury clan for top-tier players with an expensive taste. We own over 5,000 prismatic cards and we've opened over 350,000 packs in total and in addition to top tier gameplay, one of the requirements to join is to have at least 10,000 packs opened. We hold this requirement to avoid looking for "replacements" in incompleted decklists. Here you either play 100% optimal or you play something else. We have players with various achievements such as multiple MCS champions, multiple worlds participants, multiple KC Cup tops, devoted community helpers, moderators and much more.

What do you think about this meta? How did it influence your decks choice during the wars?

Counter-picking is still the biggest factor in how we choose our decks, also this meta is very wide and it allows some rogue decks to have some success. With such a wide deck pool, it's not easy to prepare against another clan. It's easy to be surprised about a lineup and have issues during the counter pick round but we spend a lot of time researching and brainstorming what people might bring in a war. This helps us prepare for all possible scenarios and helps us decide what decks give us a higher chance to win.

How was your previous matches against other Clans you faced?

Kinda tough overall. Great competition, some wars were more memorable than others and some should be completely forgotten. We had several matches that made us sweat and we are pushing forward with the lessons learned from them. We got this far and plan to reach the top.

How was your second week of Playoffs?

Unbelievably spectacular is how you can call our last war vs X-Factors. We went against the only clan to go undefeated in regular season who were just coming off a round 1 bye. With our record and seeing the playoff bracket, we knew going into the playoffs we would have to fight our hardest to stay alive. When we faced X-Factors we were eager to end their streak and keep pushing to the finals. After a brutal round two counter it was no wonder they went undefeated. We held together as a clan and fought to break their streak. And thanks to the best doggo to ever play this game, when the dust settled on round three we had.

Any comment from your best player so far Whilipino?

Going to playoffs is only natural of a team of our caliber, so it is not surprising to see us in top 4. This will be 1%'s second time making it into top 4, and I am fully confident in our ability to win the whole thing. Good luck to every clan still left in playoffs. - Whilipino

How you feel going to Semifinals?

Really excited and decently confident, the semifinals are a different beast from the rest of the season, normally you have to plan for one clan and their 14 players. With the semifinals, you have to prepare for the finals as well which means you must research and prepare for 3 clans in one week and have decks in your lineup that can beat them all. As always, we are unified in our choices and ready to fight for the crown. We are prepared, excited and ready to fight Japan.