In case you missed it, last Week's Meta Weekly had an interesting adaptation to the new box meta, with Gouki taking up a noticeable uptick in presence. This cannot be more exemplified than the finals, where we had a Gouki mirror between ChuChuMTFKR and TRoweses, with ChuChu coming out on top!

Interview with ChuChu

How do you feel about the new box meta? What was the thought process behind Gouki?

New box introduced powerful Xyz Monsters that brought Thunder Dragons back and highered Noble Knights's ceiling. I expected those 2 decks to be the most popular so Gouki felt like a good pick for the Weekly, as Loading... is really good against those 2 decks. I also had Loading... and Loading... post-side for extra Field Spells just to ensure I won those matchups.

Would you like to explain any of your Deck choices? Would you make any changes?

I made the Extra Deck last minute and missed some important cards like Loading... , never had any situation where a better Extra Deck would've won me the game though, so I didn't get punished for it.

I feel like the backrow is very standard, the only thing that's somewhat interesting is the main decked Loading... which makes sense since the three decks O expected to play against the most were all DARK-based.

My Side Deck is pretty self-explanatory for the most part. I used the Loading... instead of the 3rd Loading... so I could side out of Loading... against Thunder Dragons.

How do you expect the upcoming Selection Box and Structure Deck to impact the meta?

Loading... is a really strong card and should see a lot of play, Gouki will probably play it in the Main Deck since its a good Spell in every matchup, which is something we lacked. I don't really rate the Blue-Eyes structure, the support the deck is getting from it is not game-breaking, but the copy of Loading... that we're getting is the support Blue-Eyes needs to be better, and I think the deck will surely come up more in tournaments, not only because of the new support but also because it has a very good Gouki matchup.

Lastly, do you have any shout-outs you would like to make?

Shout-out to Terrific for giving me one of the most intense back-and-forth games in a while on Top 8, shout-out to my friends who helped me during the event and shout-out to those who supported and cheered for me. Every time I checked Twitch chat while I was on stream I saw a lot of love towards me and that honestly makes me really happy and makes me want to keep playing and performing. Thank you guys!

Winning Decklist:

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