Meta Championship Series 37 has concluded! With this being the first MCS under a new banlist and after returning to Side Deck, we were on the edge of our seats waiting to see which decks would come out on top! By the time we got to the Top 32, we had several top slots taken up by running favourite Desperado and an familliar face in Invoked Neos. In the end, it was that familliar face, piloted by Shaowz, taking the crown after felling haru's Invoked Roids.

Interview with Shaowz

How does it feel to win the MCS?

It feels surreal, like I'm living in a dream. I’ve always figured I had it in me but never actually thought I could pull out the victory. I hadn’t topped an MCS prior to this and I always wanted at least one decent top before my eventual retirement, and I’m glad it ended up being a win!

How did the day go for you? What was your most memorable matchup?

The day went well, as I was playing alongside my teammates, 2 of which topped as well, so it felt good having that support from those in a similar position to me. My favorite and most memorable match up would definitely have to go to grucius’ Desperado in Top 8. Despite how much I hate that deck the games were back n' forth, and it felt good to win through double Loading... in Game 3. Not to mention the first time me and grucius played was a few MCS's ago when I brought Loading... and I timed out in a favorable Game 2, felt good to get that revenge.

How do you like this new banlist meta?

I don’t really like the new meta all that much, as I’m not a fan of metas where 20 different decks are viable, although I think I’m more than happy we are out of the last meta we were in. I’m curious to see how it forms with the addition of new Invoked variants and possibly cough Loading... cough coming soon cough.

Why did you go with Invoked Neos? Is it the best deck or do you feel you had the element of surprise?

Definitely the latter option, as I didn’t think the majority of players would be ready for it. Also, I decided to play it like 2 hours before the tournament after testing it for about 45 minutes (It was drawing well so I said screw it). Funny enough though, I wanted to bring Witchcrafters as it’s the only deck I really enjoy in the meta right now that I felt could win with, but due to me working a lot during the week I couldn’t get Axel to 45 for Loading... in time for the event. I’m glad I didn’t.

Oh, and I also wanted a deck that could take advantage of being able to main 3 of the best card in the game right now: Loading...

Anything you'd like to say about your Decklist?

Yeah so I think my main was perfect as the Trap lineup covers pretty much every matchup. I was thinking of Loading... but decided against it due to not wanting too much reliance on discarding. For the Side Deck, I’d say I probably should’ve sided Loading... because of how strong it was against the mirror and other Invoked variants, but I’m glad I went with Loading... instead as it essentially won me both my semifinals and finals matches. Being able to shut off Loading... and force a Loading... / Loading... was just too satisfying. As for the rest of my Side, Loading... was decent as it won me my round one against Noble Knights, but didn’t perform as well as I wanted it to against Desperado, I kinda forgot that it also changes the Graveyard so Loading... plays around it. Loading... or more Loading... might've been better in that case. Now for the variants, I think as Invoked Neos rises the Loading... variant will likely come out as the better choice due to being able to apply pressure on backrow and Xyz summoning which in turn gives space for both Loading... and Loading... . I didn’t really feel the need for Caliga in the build I played, as the only kinda relevant matchup it had was Ritual Beasts and Witchcrafters. Lastly, as for the 1-1 Loading... vs 2 Loading... I just wanted that added protection / +1 for the Desperado and Noble Knight matchups, but 1 Keeper could be better in the future, right now I think 2 Neos Fusion is better.

Anything else you would like to say about your tournament experience?

Yeah I’m just glad that after 3 years of competing that there was still something for my old boomer self. It was a great experience as I technically went undefeated (not sure how smashgg viewed the timer win I had in Swiss) but it’s just an amazing feeling.

Lastly, do you have any Shoutouts you would like to make?

Of course shout out to everyone who’s supported me over the years, my homies who built me from the ground up BlessRNG, the guys who took me in for clan wars Sunclan, and those who’s team I’m on now supporting the whole way, Abusement Park. Specific shoutouts to Clashbruh, Hypebeast, LampPosted, Jayrabian, Heinz Ketchum, with special shoutouts to Arkthor and Ultimix as they’ve been supporting me closely for all 3 of these years, and I’m glad I took it home for the boys. Also shoutout to the Waifucord grinders.

Winning Decklist:

That's all we got for this DLM Champion spotlight! What kind of questions should we be asking in the future? Comment down below!