In case you missed it, last Week's Meta Weekly the post-banlist meta finally settled down, marking the solidification of Desperado, Noble Knights, and the new variant of Invoked Neos in the meta. In the finals, we had 死神 taking the finals against zenzoh's Blackwings.

Interview with 死神

Anything you'd like to say about yourself?

I played Duel Links in 2018 but in a casual way. I returned in May of this year and then got interested in competitive scene. I started playing tournaments a little over two months ago, and I have even won a few.

How does it feel to win your first Meta Weekly?

It was my first time participating in a Meta Weekly, so it was really unexpected for me, but I'm happy about it regardless.

How did the day go for you? Any notable matchups?

I have a bad memory, so I can't remember most of my matches, but the most complicated one was a mirror match i had in Top 8.

What do you think of the new banlist?

The banlist was necessary considering the state of the game at the time.

Why did you go with Desperado?

I went with Desperado because it's a deck I've been playing even before the banlist, and now that it's Tier 1, why not?

Would you like to explain any of your Deck choices? Would you make any changes?

I think the decklist now is pretty solid. I did not run Loading... because is quite intrusive, Xyz Monsters fit much better than Synchro monsters in the deck.

Lastly, do you have any shout-outs you would like to make?

Shoutouts to Norteñito, ßя(my clan) and ZeroTG community for supporting me.

Winning Decklist:

That's all we got for this DLM Champion spotlight! What kind of questions should we be asking in the future? Comment down below!