After finally receiving the tabulated results, KC Cup November 2020 has come to a close. After a long three days and an even longer waiting period to aggregate rankings, TPC alumni and multi-time Top 10 Globalist grucius has finally grabbed the gold, placing first with an impressive 61% winrate over a course of 383 Games. If you want to learn more about grucius, check out his profile!

Interview with grucius

How does it feel to finally win a KC Cup?

Its an amazing feeling, I've tried to win a KC Cup for so long but always ended second, third, or fourth. Finally, after six KC Cup Top 10s, I made it!

How did the weekend go for you? How was the climb?

So the weekend was really fun. I started the KC Cup with the main goal of having fun, and of course winning, so I decided to only use decks I enjoyed playing and thats what I did. This KC Cup was full of emotions for me and a lot of strategy.

So, from my testing with NaW, I wanted to use Megalith at the start and Invoked Lunalight at the higher levels. That's because Megalith farms better at the start when people don't know the deck. As for Invoked Lunalight, in our testing it had good match-ups all-around aside from some decks like Cyber Dragons that I wouldn't expect to face at higher levels.

After reaching 40k with Megalithm, I started to face more Karakuri and Crystrons with Loading... , so as planned from the start, I changed to Invoked Lunalight and immediatly made a fast climb to around 55-60k. Then, something unexpected happened as I started facing many Desperado and Cyber Dragons at higher levels, and that cost me a lot of points. I saw the current First Place global at that time using Desperado, and so I tried to stall against him as much as I could to see all the techs he was playing. After that, I tried to build the deck myself (a little bit different because I decided to not use Loading... as I didn't like it), then I started playing again. Since Desperado had a good Cyber Dragon and Karakuri matchups I reached 75k.

The last day I once again started the climb with Desperado and immediatly saw that I was only facing Ritual Beasts and the mirror, so I couldn't climb anymore. Then, I started talking with AndyTsang and we brainstormed that a good answer could have been a 30-card Invoked Roid list as it had many ways to stall against both of those decks, so I quickly built the deck and started climbing again until I reached around 94k. At that point, however Anci surpassed me, but I noticed that there were many Cyber Dragons around and Anci was pnly 3k points ahead and playing Invoked Magician Girls. So, I decided to risk it and play only 1 game and try to win it so that he would see that I was still playing, forcing him to play as well to keep up with me. I won that one game and stopped at 95k, and as expected, Anci kept playing but dropped. I stopped playing at 95k. since Anci and TsunTsun fortunately kept dropping, and went to sleep.

In the end, I woke up a few hours before the end and saw that some random guy surpassed me, so I tried to catch up to him, but faced bad match-ups and dropped to third place. At the very end, I decided to play a few more games to try to reach 2nd place again because I was skeptical of the first place player's Worlds legality, and ended the climb at 91k.

What's you opinion on the new banlist?

I really like the new banlist as a backrow player because without Dark Magician I can see some rogue decks like Gouki becoming like Tier 3. Also, as a Ritual Beast player, I love to see the deck untouched.

Lastly, do you have any Shoutouts you would like to make?

Shotouts to:

  • NaW for being the best testing partner ever
  • AndyTsang for the the support and the super-important brainstorming session
  • Snyffus for having fun with me all weekend and making this one of the best KC Cups ever
  • Anyone who helped me survive this waiting

Winning Decklist:

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