In case you missed it, this week's Meta Weekly was the first Meta Weekly with the new Structure Deck and Selection Box, resulting in a slew of new cards in the Top 32. In the finals, we had

's Noble Knights finally claiming its long-awaited crown against 's Harpies

Interview with trentwik

How does it feel to win this Meta Weekly?

It feels amazing! My inbox and mentions are going crazy just like my heartrate, I feel like a popular kid for once in my life.

What was your approach going into the format?

The best meta for Noble Knights hands down since Balance nerf, With harpies nerfed I knew this was my best shot at winning a big event

Why did you go with Noble Knights this Weekly?

Noble Knights, in my opinion, are an incredibly strong deck, especially in this current meta, I am also extremely comfortable with the deck and believe fully in it.

How did the day go for you? Any notable matchups?

Pretty standard day: Water Xyz, Harpies, the usual suspects,

But one matchup that was crazy was against Blue-Eyes where in Game 3 I had a low-odds out of drawing into Loading... or Loading... from Loading... for OTK or I would die, and I hit it (and would've been out of the tournament otherwise).

Would you like to explain any of your Deck choices?

27-30 Card Noble Knights is ideal, There are many bricks that you want to hide in the deck (Loading... , Loading... , Loading... ). The only change I contemplated was the 2 Loading... ,

I usually have two tech slots for whatever the best card in the format is, which is currently TTH, If Water Xyz wasn’t in the format it would be Loading... in the Main Deck instead.

Do you have anything else you'd like to say about your Tournament Experience?

Always have a lot of fun in DLM events and they are extremely well-organized

Lastly, do you have any shout-outs you'd like to make?

My Clan Wars team Modern Empire for recruiting a guy who only plays a rogue deck,

I'd like to shout-out my friend Peepoglad for practicing the Harpie matchup with me.

But a huge shoutout to DLE discord, those guys in general chat have been with me through the many many rough losses in finals, whether I go 0-2 drop or go first every game and top they always got my back and are cheering for me

Winning Decklist:

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