In case you missed it, this week's Meta Weekly had a dominant showing from the Tier 1 decks. However, we also had multiple rogue decks like Fish and Desperado popping up throughout Top 32. This could be no more exemplified than the finals, where we had Blue-Eyes up against Fish, with Darksta7Z taking the gold.

Interview with Darksta7Z

How does it feel to win your first Meta Weekly?

Honestly I feel...incredible. So many nerves and I misplayed so many times. I feel good right now though!

How did the day go for you? Any notable matchups?

It went horribly at first. I actually went 3-2 and didn't even know if I was going to make it in. Once I did though, I just kept winning. As for notable matchups, I faced Crystrons and two Star Seraph Darklords on the way, and a mirror match as well. Then I played that Fish deck at the end.

Why did you go with Blue-Eyes?

I went with Blue-Eyes because it's one of my favorite decks: I've been using Blue-Eyes every tournament. They boast my favorite card art as well, they also have so many animations, haha.

Would you like to explain any of your Deck choices? Would you make any changes?

I prefer 2 Loading... and 1 Loading... over Loading... , as discarding is so important for Blue-Eyes. Also, Rageki Break gets rid of Loading... and other cards that aren't monsters.

I actually didn't touch my Side Deck all day, I just threw it together for Weather Painters and Darklords.

Loading... was only there cause I don't have Loading... , I never summoned it, mainly Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , and Loading... .

Run the Hieratic!

Lastly, Do you have any shout-outs you'd like to make?

Shoutout to Dkayed for hosting these events, and thank you for the interview, I wasn't expecting it, haha.Shoutouts to Glaze as well, he entered the tourney today with Exodia.

Winning Decklist:

That's all we got for this DLM Champion spotlight! What kind of questions should we be asking in the future? Comment down below!