In case you missed it, this week's Meta Weekly was where the post-banlist meta was finally starting to settle, with heavy presence from the Top 3 Decks in the Top 32. However, we still had our share of rogue decks having a good showing against that Top 3. This could be no more exemplified by the finals, where Francesko07 with his Weather Painters took on Hash and his Blue-Eyes, with Hash taking the gold!

Interview with Hash

How do does it feel to win your first Meta Weekly?

It feels incredible. I've been joining this amazing tournament for over a year and a half now, and to finally win it is just amazing! Last week, I came the closest I ever had but came up short to the eventual champ, my homie Embraced, in Top 4, so coming into this week’s event I was really confident that I could pull it off with just a bit of luck from the RNG gods.

How did the day go for you? Any notable matchups?

Swiss went pretty smoothly, my one loss came Round 5 vs VoiceofJesus, another homie. We had a great mirror match back and forth with him out top-decking me Game 3 for the win. After the match, we hyped each other up and wished the other good luck in Top Cut, so I owe him for the luck I ended up getting later on! Top Cut was where it got dicey. My hardest match of the day was against Water Xyz in Top 8, most notably Game 2 where I went second against double Loading... , each with an Loading... attached. I had a brick hand as well and had to stall until I drew my Loading... . I was sure my run was going to end there, but Water is the other tiered deck that I’m most experienced with and that has helped me the last few weeks in the Meta weekly and Clan wars.

Why did you go with Blue-Eyes

With Water Xyz and Blue-Eyes being the two best decks of the format in my opinion, I went with Blue-Eyes as I feel it has very few, if any, bad matchups (Even Water which I feel the Loading... variant no longer really struggles against). Also, the ceiling of the deck is just insane, the plays that you can make given the right hand, nothing quite beats getting lethal with Loading... , Loading... and Loading... on the field.

Would you like to explain any of your Deck choices? Would you make any changes?

For the most part, the build is pretty standard, I just went with the most consistent build possible for a Turn 1 Loading... play. I was going to run a single Loading... in the Main Deck instead of the second Loading... , but after a chat with my clanmate and fellow clapper Puzzles, I took his advice on the second Rules, as consistency is everything in the Main Deck. As for the Side, I used everything at one point or another, the real MVPs though were the two Loading... s for mostly Loading... s, and the Loading... for the Blue-Eyes mirror match. If I had to make any adjustments, I would probably swap out the Loading... for a second Loading... .

Lastly, Do you have any shout-outs you'd like to make?

Huge shout-out to my clan over at 99% for all the continuous support and giving me the confidence to keep trying at these tournaments! Especially my boys Puzzles, Espada, Godmood, Exodia and Frost who have become really great friends of mine over just a few months, and who have given me such amazing practice and are always hyping me up and pushing me to be the best player I can be! I'd also like to thank all the homies who congratulated me in discord including but not limited to: assaultmode, RiP, che, and all the guys in my clan and over at DH and TL! Lastly of course, I’d like to thank Dkayed, GiaJoestar, and all the Mods and staff over at DLM who put on all these amazing events Every Single Week Bro!

Winning Decklist:

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