In case you missed it, this months's Meta Championship Series was the first large-scale tournament after the Arc-V world release and the recent balance update. While there were several new and interesting decks between Swiss and Top 32, the finals were between [MHC/CwD] Goomba's Water Xyz and Nix's Lunalight, with OG TPC Alumni Nix coming out on top!

Interview with Nix

How do does it feel to win the Meta Championship Series?

It's kind of unreal if I’m being honest. I’m one of the real OG players in this game. I remember being a member of the very first TPC and shaping this community in the early days. I took some time off over the past few years from competitive play and I never thought I’d ever win so this is surreal.

Why did you go with Lunalight?

I knew coming in that harpies and Gaia was going to be the most played and both decks instant lose to a Loading.... So I basically played a game within the game in this MCS: “Can you out Sabre Dancer?” And if the answer was no, I just won. It’s also my favorite deck in the game so doing it with a deck I’m passionate with feels so good.

How did the day go for you? Any notable matchups?

My entire day was eventful. I hard bricked Rounds 1 and 2 and started out 0-2, so I knew my next loss was the end of my run, so it kind-of relieved the pressure so to speak. Top Cut was crazy, I came in as the 32nd seed and immediately faced Lorenzo Roma/CCGLorenzoRoma (a close friend of mine) and he was on Magnets, he couldn't out Sabre so he lost, same thing happened in Top 16, Top 8 and Top 4. I faced 3 Harpies in a row and even after getting hit by Loading... it didn't matter. I went undefeated in Top Cut and never lost when I was able to summon Loading........ Long story short: Sabre and Loading... are a problem

Anything else you'd like to say about your decklist?

I teched in Loading... for Gaia.... That was a horrible decision, I should have just sided three Trifortressops and mained 2 Loading... or Loading..., every single game I opened Tirfortressops I raged...even against Gaia I didn't summon it because I had full combo

My Side Deck is teched for Fire King and Witchcrafter, two decks I literally can't beat Game 1, So 2 Loading... and 3 Loading... were needed, I sided Loading... literally in case I faced Dish today. We are on the same team and he netdecked an older list of mine for today. Only difference is he runs Loading... and I run Loading.... I had confidence that if we made Top Cut we would go far and I was right because he fell one short of a mirror-match in finals.

Lastly, do you have any shout-outs you would like to make?

Shout out to [MHC] Pokerguy specifically. He was the one who bought my ticket and encouraged me to play. Also shout out to skillShot just for being my Day 1 homie. Nothing but love and positivity over here even though what I played was a toxic deck. If it doesn't do something unfair then why play it?

Lastly I find it ironic I won vs fish in the finals when my copypasta literally reads "Fishy Stuff Nix"

Winning Decklist:

That's all we got for this DLM Champion spotlight! What kind of questions should we be asking in the future? Comment down below!