Hello there. My name is

. Some might remember me under my old username DanielYGO, and today I am going to present you my thoughts on the current metagame. This time we have my thoughts on the Selection Box and what kind of impact every individual card is going to have. I hope you enjoy.


This Selection box is fine. A lot of people wanted a meta-breaking box. While this box will not redefine the game as the Loading... selection box did, it is still solid. Loading... will see play sooner rather than later, Loading... allows for some very interesting deckbuilding ideas outside of Dark Magician decks, Loading... is a great finisher and provides utility to some decks. Last but not least, Loading... and Loading... provide some decent future potential for pendulum decks. Don't go into the box unless you play competitively or want one of the cards though. Spending this much money on the box is a scam still.


This is the card I am personally the most hyped for. Of course, it is a great card for Dark Magician. Having a good Loading... target in Loading... which can search a copy of Loading... and protect it with its Loading... like effects, makes it a valuable resource for the deck. But I am not here to discuss Dark Magician. I am here to discuss the first line of the effect. "You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by discarding 1 card ". If we combine it with the lvl 6 of Apprentice, we get a card with unique qualities. Not only is it worthwhile to summon Loading... since it can discard any card with a potential GY effect, we can also use it for an Xyz Summon of Loading... or Loading... .

To provide a simple example, Apprentice discards Loading... to Special Summon itself. Loading... eff, revive Roar. Now, we have 2 lvl 6 and we can make any Xyz of our choice.

Of course, it can be more advanced. Loading... discards Loading... . Normal Summon Loading... . Activate Loading... and revive Archfiend. Archfiend effect to search. Now we have Apprentice as an additional lvl 6 for Xyz and Synchro plays.

Some are now going to say, that Loading... isn't searchable, and as a result, can be awkward depending on the hand. But this is not entirely true. Loading... which can search any monster in theory if the life points are correct. What some of you might have realized, Apprentice has a combined stat of 3700, 300 short of what we need. However, what if told you there is a skill that can fix it. Card Shuffle is a skill that essentially says: pay 300 life points. This is huge for us since the requirements are now fulfilled. Furthermore, Loading... can be used to search more than just Loading... . Loading... with its combined stat of 4k is another search target if we choose to not use the skill.

This does not mean, we should all start playing a Loading... , Loading... and Card Shuffle package in Thunder Dragon. I am presenting how multilayered this card is and how it can change the way we think while deckbuilding. It can potentially become the next engine to revive an old archetype as the Star Seraph engine did. Maybe there is nothing to discover with our limited cardpool and I am overthinking this. We will have to wait and see if players find something.


The moment BLS has been leaked, a lot of people started saying: "Its time has passed. He has been powercrept. Loading... exists and outclasses it." While it is not wrong that Loading... is better in most cases, BLS has his distinct advantages in comparison. Before we discuss them, I am going to remind you what Levi is being used for.