Hello there. My name is

. Some might remember me under my old username DanielYGO, and today I am going to present you my thoughts on the decks in the new box and how they can fit into the current metagame. First up, you will be able to see the decks we are going to discuss today and after that, I will give my thoughts on each topic in too much detail.

Fantastic Arc
  • Burning Abyss - (the most potential)

  • Buster Blader (floodgate go brrr)

  • Chain Beat (too slow)

  • Evilswarm Knightmare - (How was this card printed?)

  • Majespecter - (What did they do to you, Konami?)

  • Pendulum "Good Stuff" - (good cards no good core)

  • Rank 3 Dante Decks - (Dante == Charge)

  • Yang Zing - (it wishes to be Crystron)

Fantastic Arc:

First thing's first. This box is bait. It is an attempt at recreating the Booster Pack "Duelist Alliance" from the TCG/OCG and making you think: "The box is surely good". To be fair, when I woke up, saw the leaks, those were my first thoughts as well. They intentionally put in Burning Abyss, Yang Zing 2 archetypes that were part of "Duelist Alliance", as well as putting in a boss monster which is similar to Loading... as the cover art that being Loading... . It is also providing us with all those insane TCG cards such as Loading... . This box is essentially screaming: "I am Duelist Alliance for Duel Links. Buy me." Please don't fall for it. The box, for now, is future potential. The best deck of the box is Burning Abyss, of course. However, it gets obliterated by Loading... , Loading... and many more cards in the format, but more about that below. A selection box can very much save it, but since there are no selection box leaks yet, the appropriate name for the box is "Copium Arc". The copium arc we have been for the last year.

Burning Abyss:

It is not surprising to see why Burning Abyss is the best deck of the box. All the BA float and are extenders simultaneously. We got 3 out of the 4 Burning Abyss monsters that generate card advantage for the deck. Loading... is the searcher, Loading... the revive and Loading... recovers and mills three cards from the deck as cost. With that, we have the infamous Dante Cir loop since Dante can target Cir to add it back to hand, and Cir can target Dante to revive him back, creating an infinite loop. Of course, Dante can also mill other BAs. Loading... and Loading... provide the deck with utility, allowing to both negate and clear a monster temporarily, latter can also be abused with the skill Mind of the Plana to get rid of the monster. Last but not least, we got Loading... a tuner monster that allows us to into our synchro boss monster Loading... . Virgil is a great removal tool for the deck and triggers the BAs both for his synchro summon and effect. Since it is a BA in name, it can be revived with Cir, making sure we always have access to him.

Furthermore, the deck has access to a lot of generic cards. With the BAs being lvl 3, one can utilize Loading... . Once one has a lvl 3 in the GY, Loading... becomes a one-card Rank 3 because it negates the effects of the BA and prevents his destruction effect. Even though Loading... is not a BA monster, we can still use it + a random BA to make an XYZ if we are still missing a lvl 3 in the GY. The BA gets destroyed before the activation window of Loading... triggers. As such, the BA gets destroyed, one then revives the BA and goes into an XYZ.

Some might ask themselves, how do we trigger both Loading... and Loading... on the opponent's turn to interrupt. There is an XYZ called Loading... which can quick effect detach an XYZ material. With that, if we detach either of them on the opponent's turn, we can disrupt them during a crucial moment. Keep in mind that they trigger on a new chain. So if the opponent summons a Loading... and we detach Loading... , Loading... will already be resolved and special summoned a monster before we get a chance to use the effect of Alich. It is still a great card to prevent a Loading... for example since its effect does not trigger on summon.

Since all the BA are Dark attributes and Loading... is a light, we can use Loading... as an additional boss monster with his 3k attack and destruction effect.

With Loading... milling three cards, the deck can utilize Loading... and other paleo with GY effects to profit of Dante more.

Last but not least, I would like to mention four strong trap cards for the deck. Loading... , Loading... , Loading... and Loading... are hidden gems for the archetype. Some might have wondered how to use the Loading... token. Here we have an answer. Ballista can tribute the token to pop a card. One can, of course, also tribute a BA monster, pop a card, and then use the GY effect to gain more advantage. It utilizes a Loading... without any materials well, providing us with a monster from the GY. Loading... is just Loading... but in better for this deck. Being able to none targeting destroy the whole board is huge. Of course, our own monster(s) will get destroyed in the process. But we don't care about it since we just float into resources. A well-timed Loading... is so devastating.

Loading... is pretty self-explanatory. Milling any BA from the deck is huge. It can be used as an interruption and recovery making it a very versatile card. The shuffle should also not be underestimated. Getting rid of GY resources, reducing the number of Harpie monsters in the GY to prevent the activation of Loading... and other game states make this a very powerful effect. Loading... is a very similar card to Loading... . Since all the BAs are lvl 3 or lower dark attribute monsters, one can send any of them to the GY. With that one can negate a Loading... , Loading... , and other cards.