New Leaks!

WARNING: These leaks are from a new source and are currently UNPROVEN. Please exercise caution in this information until proven as it could be completely false. Translations and wording may not be completely correct. UPDATE: Revolver's second form confirmed


Leaked skills for Revolver (Varis)
  • Expected release: January 26th

Skill 1.

Once per turn: Reveal 1 ritual monster in your hand and target 1 monster you control of the same type; make it the same level as that ritual monster.

Skill 2.

You can only use this skill 3 times per Duel. If your LP is smaller or equal to 3000: add to your extra deck 1 Loading... or 1 Loading...

Skill 3

If your LP is 1000 or less: Add randomly to your extra deck one of the following cards Loading... , Loading... , Loading... or Loading...

Skill 4

Once per Duel, if your LP is 1400 or less in the Draw Phase, instead of conducting your normal draw, add 1 of these cards randomly Loading... , Loading... or Loading...

Skill 5

Once per Duel, if your deck has only rokket monsters: target 1 rokket monster you control, make it a tuner.

Skill 6

Use one of these each turn, in order:

  1. Reveal 1 Loading... in your hand, this turn, you can normal summon it without tributing.
  2. Shuffle 2 dark monsters in your hand into the deck and add 1 Loading... and 1 Loading... to your hand.
  3. Make your Loading... s on the field gain 300 attack for each dark monster you control.

Skill 7

Once per duel, you can discard 2 rokket monsters from your hand; add 1 Loading... to your hand.

Skill 8

If your deck has only rokket monsters:

  1. Once per duel, if you control a Rokket non-tuner monster: Shuffle 1 card in your hand back to the deck and set 1 Loading... from your deck.
  2. On the start of your 3rd turn: Add 1 Loading... to your GY.

Cards Mentioned in these skills:

  • None confirmed.

    Miniborrel Dragon
    Quadborrel Dragon
    Topologic Trisbaena
    Topologic Gumblar Dragon
    Topologic Zeroboros
    Mirror Force
    Imperial Order
    Magic Cylinder
    Cracking Dragon
    Jack Wyvern
    Hack Worm
    Borrel Regenerator
    Dillingerous Dragon

  • Not mentioned but Revolver's ritual monster is:

Dkayed's Video: