Website Update - January 1st

The following changes have been made to the website

Updates / Changes

  • A loading animation has been added to decks where the cards are taking longer to load

The following changes were made to the website since the previous release

Features / Updates

  • The ladder section of the Top Decks page now has detailed information once hovered over a player’s points
  • Various URLs and colors have been updated to the ladder section of the Top Decks page
  • Ability to pre-populate a deck within the deck submission page for ease of use has been added
  • Clicking the “Save and Play” button on deck pages will not automatically start a game session
  • A new loading animation has been added for the KoG deck submission page and card search
  • The ability to send extra deck cards to the hand from the graveyard and banish pile has been added


  • An issue where the card hover information for mobile devices were exceeding the display has been resolved
  • Tier list changes now have enough spacing between their words for better reading
  • Skill detail pages now show tournament decks that contained its skill as a side
  • Clan Wars shop page text has been updated for clarity
  • LP Boost greek letters in side skills now display correctly
  • An issue where the extra deck was not accessible in the deck tester has been resolved
  • Wording on the Community page has been updated for clarity
  • ‘Harpies’ Hunting Ground card information is now appearing correctly
  • The confirmation prompt for adding cards to the extra deck has been removed
  • The Card Information checkbox now works as expected on the deck tester page
  • The deck is now shuffled correctly when testing the deck tester
  • The ban list now correctly applies to the extra deck
  • Card information while hovering over modals within the deck tester page work correctly
  • Ability to view card information when clicking an extra deck card on mobile on the deck tester page is resolved
  • An issue with authenticating to Discord has been resolved
  • Sub-navigation buttons highlight the correct main navigation links, when needed
  • Users may now be able to correctly copy the share URL from deck tester on Firefox browsers
  • Drowning Mirror Force’s image now appears correctly on deck pages and articles
  • Player’s ladder popup now displays the correct information


Happy New Year! We’ve been rolling out new features and bug fixes as we go along to provide you with the fastest response possible. To bring in the new season, we’ve decided to release a new feature and update some behind the scenes details; therefore, everything released since our last article has been listed here. As always, feel free to contact us with any issues/suggestions. Enjoy!

Please let us know below if you find any website related issues. We appreciate your feedback and highly value your input.

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