Website Update - September 25th

The following changes have been made to the website

New Features

  • An entire page dedicated to the new world, Dark Side of Dimensions, has been added including:
  • Note: This page will be released with the game’s update
    • News
    • Event details
    • Character unlock descriptions
    • New cards
    • Reviews

Updates / Changes

  • The Top Decks page has been updated to show the latest decks correctly from the previous 2/4 weeks upon entering a new month


  • N/A

The following changes were made to the website since the previous release

Features / Updates

  • Various styling updates were made to the dynamic card/skill pages


  • An issue has been fixed where the top decks page did not always scroll down to the decks section after selecting a deck type

Please let us know below if you find any website related issues. We appreciate your feedback and highly value your input.

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