Website Update - July 6th

The following changes have been made to the website

New Features

  • N/A

Updates / Changes

  • Ability to add monsters to the Spell/Trap zone has been added to the deck tester
  • Various updates have been made to the deck tester:
    • Clicking a trap on mobile immediately flips it, if needed
    • Placement of the ‘Add to Hand’ for cards has been updated
  • Various updates to the Leaks and Updates page
    • Removed ‘Newly Added Cards Section’
    • Leaks section is now the topmost section
    • Current month has been added to the title of the ‘Upcoming Updates’ section
  • Various style changes have been made to the Clan Wars page
  • Ability to display 6 cards per row for a deck has been added
  • Various changes to the Farming and Events page and banner have been added
    • Banner will now display a countdown for the most active event
    • If multiple events are active, the banner will display the amount
    • If no events are active, the banner will state this
    • On the actual page, all active events will have a separate countdown depending on when that events ends
  • For particular tournament ticket pages, the Discord username is now enforced


  • Empty card popups have been removed from the deck tester
  • Empty skill popups have been removed from various decks with no listed skill
  • Decks saved as ‘undefined’ in the deck tester have been fixed
  • Skill popups for mobile have been fixed
  • Monsters appearing the Spell/Trap zones (when not wanted) has been resolved for the deck tester
  • Searching skills on mobile devices has been fixed
  • Removed ‘Back to Hand’ option for extra deck cards in the deck tester
  • Russian and Greek names for decks now have correct URLs
  • The correct card is now placed in the extra deck from the graveyard in the deck tester

Please let us know below if you find any website related issues. We appreciate your feedback and highly value your input.

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