Website Update - June 17th

The following changes have been made to the website

New Features

  • Every card and skill in the game now has a dedicated page (e.g. Sphere Kuriboh, Sealed Tombs) (Note: We will adding navigation to these pages in the future)

Updates / Changes

  • The Clan Wars tournament page has been fully redesigned. Look forward to a number of statistics and page options once Season 3 begins!
  • Deck Tester v2.0 is released! Numerous style changes have been including the addition of drag and drop functionality.
  • Deck type pages can now contain Fresh Guides (e.g. Vampires).
  • Styling changes can be seen on various articles and deck pages.
  • The icon for the Top Player Council is updated on the Top Decks page.
  • Card and skill display popups have improved speed.
  • Sided skills will now have a visual representation in the side deck.
  • Users subscribed to the discord through PayPal or YouTube will now be able to submit their King of Games decks.


  • Search bar on the deck tester has been fixed
  • The Disqus commenting system was displaying ads in addition to the normal ones. This has been addressed.
  • Extra deck monsters were appearing in the Spell/Trap zone of the deck tester. This is now fixed.
  • Next deck buttons on the Top Decks deck pages are now navigating to their correct pages.
  • The share link button on the deck tester is now working again correctly.
  • Cards within the search bar are now sorted correctly.
  • Card popups are displaying within the limit of the screen.
  • The skill Light and Dark has been updated to reflect correct spacing.


In this update my priority was to make the decktester user friendlier. Since the release of the deck tester we have received a lot of feedback from you. I hope you like the visual improvements and the drag & drop functionality.
More changes and improvements will follow with the next updates in the coming weeks.

Please let us know below if you find any website related issues. We appreciate your feedback and highly value your input.

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