Website Update - April 1st

The following changes have been made to the website

New Features

  • The public deck submission form is now live on the Top Decks page.
    • Note: Check the Top Decks page to see if your deck is already posted for this season. Duplicate decks will not be processed.
  • There is a new section on the front page header called The Lab. This contains two new additional tools for the website: a deck tester and a pack simulator.
    • With the deck tester, you can perform the following:
      • Create, edit and test custom made decks
      • Save the above decks for later testing
      • Share decks with others for feedback and ideas
      • Play decks from the Top Decks page
      • In addition, the look and feel of the deck tester has been updated
    • The pack simulator will allow to simulate drawing packs from various boxes released in the game. This will give you an idea of how your luck stands with purchasing actual packs from those box sets.

Updates / Changes

  • Card displays on mobile devices have been updated for better performance.
  • Discord community banner has been resized for better displaying
  • Sample decks on deck type pages are now automated and will display the most recent tournament type of a deck, if available


  • A display issue with the Latest Decks section of deck type pages on mobile devices have been updated.

Comments from the Devs


As mentioned above, the public deck submission page is now live! Thanks for your patience. This has been a work in progress, so I hope the ability to submit your own decks allows for some high calibur results, since you will be posting them. In addition, I have been working on an updated deck tester application. Hopefully this will improve the quality and understanding of how to play your decks, even before buying them. Enjoy!

Please let us know below if you find any website related issues. We appreciate your feedback and highly value your input.

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