Website Update - January 4th

The following changes have been made to the website

New Features

  • Website staff members and other personnel can now have multiple roles listed on their profiles (i.e. Content Manager, Graphic Designer, etc.)
  • Users can now search decks by cards listed within them on the Top Decks page.

Updates / Changes

  • The Top Deck page has been redesigned to only list the decks from the past 4 to 2 weeks (selectable on the page) and will no longer display by their season.
  • Information on what qualified the deck to be posted within the site has been listed on each deck page (i.e. King of Games, Placed 3rd/4th in Meta Weekly tournament, etc.)
  • Style adjustments have been made to the deck pages.
  • Slider adjustments have been made to the front page.


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Comments from the Devs


Happy New Year! To bring in the year, we decided to release some functionality we’ve been working on to readjust the Top Decks system. Unfortunately, we are still tying up some loose ends on the deck submission page mentioned in the last release, but we assure you, this will work as designed once released. Thanks for visiting Duel Links Meta as we look forward to another great year!

Please let us know below if you find any website related issues. We appreciate your feedback and highly value your input.

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