Website Update - October 23rd

The following changes have been made to the website

New Features

  • Deck-type pages now have statistical breakdowns of cards used in that deck-type.
  • Added previous and next buttons on deck pages for easier traversal.
  • Deck type names have been adjusted for grammatical purposes (plural vs singular).
  • Added a thumbnail slider on the frontpage for mobile devices.
  • A King of Games filter has been added to the Top Decks page.
  • Table of contents is now provided for all articles.
  • The Top Decks page for the current month will only show post-banlist decks (if a new banlist has been released that month).

Updates / Changes

  • The Forbidden/Limited changes list has been updated visually for ease of reading.
  • Various technical updates were made to improve the loading speed of the website.
  • Visual display of a set of cards (in a deck and article) has been improved.
  • Older articles have been archived.
  • Card searching functionality has been improved both in speed and various bugs have been addressed.
  • Various style adjustments have been made.
  • Updated the wording of the Anytime tournaments to Anytime Season to better reflect its meaning.
  • Updated the Guides & Reviews table to reflect modified articles.
  • Improved quality of images for cards from boxes, structure decks, etc.
  • Fixed cardhover on desktop (already on the site).


  • The Top Decks page header date now reflects tournament decks.
  • At times, the dates on the Top Decks page table would reflect a future date; they are now accurate.
  • Synchro monsters now display their Tuner requirements on a separate line for ease of readability (already on the site).
  • The Top Decks page statistics now reflects all decks, not just the filtered ones.
  • Tournament links on the Tournament and Top Decks pages now work in Firefox (already on the site).

Comments from the Devs


Our website team works to ensure the website has the latest news listed about the game daily. In addition, we are continually adding and updating various tools and features to the website to meet our users needs. The next set of features will include a public King of Games deck submission page; however, to ensure the best quality, we are holding off this feature until a later date. Meanwhile, we have a set of features and bug fixes we are releasing that we are sure you will find improves your experience on the website. Thanks for continuing to visit Duel Links Meta for your gaming needs.

Please let us know below if you find any website related issues. We appreciate your feedback and highly value your input.

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