Website Update - June 7

The following changes have been made to the website

New features

  • Articles may now include social media buttons (Twitter and Facebook) for ease of sharing the article’s link.
  • Tumblr links have been added to authors profiles.
  • Descriptions on the About page are now sorted by the priority given in the Discord channel.

Updates / changes

  • Deck type pages have been updated to only display once on the front page. Once their content is updated, it will only be reflected in the tier list button information.
  • Non-player character skills have been added back to the site, but filtered from the Skill page view.
  • Updated number of latest tournament links on the Top Decks page from 3 to 5.
  • Characters on the Farming and Events page are now sorted by name.
  • The About page now contains team page links for every role listed. These pages contain links to various team member profile pages.
  • Added a cross icon to the Search modal for ease of use.


  • Multiple links referring to the latest MCS tournaments on the Tournaments page have been corrected. In addition, the latest tournament links on the Top Decks page have been corrected to not include announcement articles as well.
  • The event name D. D. Wind & Earth Dimension Event has been updated to reflect better wording display on the ‘How to Obtain’ portion of a card hover. Other card location names will be updated this way in the near future.
  • The Dev Team page did not display correctly on mobile devices. This has been addressed.
  • The cardhover on desktop now closes on scroll.

Please let us know below if you find any website related issues. We appreciate your feedback and highly value your input.

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