RRQ Report - Top 10 Region Decks



This Regional Representative Qualifier (RRQ) took place from May 28th - June 9th, with the second stage beginning on June 6th

Stage 1:

  • The first stage of the RRQ plays very similar to the ranked ladder.
  • Reaching DLV MAX qualifies a player for stage 2 of the RRQ.
  • Gems, tickets, and gold are given to players for each DLV level.
  • Players who reached KOG rank for the 39th season of ranked duels (April) are started at different DLVs depending on their Rank in that Season.

Stage 2:

  • Stage 2 of the RRQ follows an ELO system, with points gained/lost for each win or loss.
  • Duels are global and not region only.
  • Based on a player’s regiona ranking at the end of the event, they will receive a certain amount of tickets as well as other rewards.
  • The top performing players in each region are granted WCS 2019 Invitations
  • Players who have earned RRQ Invitations in past KC Cups can participate in Stage 2 without having to compete in Stage 1.


The top performing players in each region are granted WCS 2019 Invitations, allowing them to attend the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2019. The amount of invitations per region are as follows:

Region # of Invites
A: North America 3
B: Latin America / Caribbean 3
C: Europe 3
D: Japan 3
E: Korea / Taiwan / Oceania 1
F: Asia / Middle East / Africa 2

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2019

  • This year’s World Championships will be held from August 10th to 11th
  • Unlike 2017 and 2018 that were held in Tokyo, 2019’s World Championships will be held in Berlin, Germany.

Top 10 Regional Decklists

These are the decks used by the duelists placing within the Top 10 in their respective regional ranking global ranking in the RRQ

North America


Regional Rank (North America): 1

Six sams 0-65k: Dprison cuz people freak out over 1 sam with sets and no toggles and walk right into it

Red-Eyes 65k-85k: Neg1 graciously sent me his list after I showed no interest in taking 1st from him. Copied his deck card for card

Spellbooks 85-97k: Whilis call here. Good call

Shoutout to the testing group: gru, whili, haru, and esp jason who also qualified. Gru whili dont give up you got this next year :muscle:

Also shoutouts to bnp for not caring when i revealed that i was 2nd NA. I hate you all


Regional Rank (North America): 3

Majority: ST Blue Eyes

Early, about 20k points worth on Friday/Saturday: ST Red-Eyes

From 60k-75k: Lava Golem Cheese. Give them lava golem, masked tribute, econ take lava.

I am not a big fan of this Meta as I felt there were too many decks capable of winning on the first 1-2 turns, so it felt hopeless to try to build a single deck capable of dealing with the majority of what you played against.

Final Score: 89.7k points


Regional Rank (North America): 4

Majority: ST Red-Eyes

Hi Im Flabber

Regional Rank (North America): 5

Disclaimer I wasn’t officially top 10 on the final update but know that i finished with a higher DP then both Whillipino and Fetty (no I didn’t cuck my teammate, we both played in the last 30 I just won 3 straight and stopped, where Fetty went 2-2 and stopped).

It is also important that i mention I do not have Lumis and Umbra unlocked so my deck choices were limited.

Prior to the tournament i took a break from the game and am actually sitting at Gold 1 on ladder currently. So my only real preparation was my previous meta knowledge and understanding of how the decks are to be played. Along with the help of my teammates on Bless RNG (Heinz and Fetty in particular who helped me prep the most).

I started out out the tournament pretty explosively, getting to 15K in the first 2 hours using Koa’ki Neos. From there I kind of stagnated until day 2 and was floating around the 20K mark. Around the middle of the 2nd day i made a big push to 40K using a Blue Eye’s Variant with the Koa’ki engine built in, and Koa’ki Neos again.

After going on a 2nd 8 game loosing streak after hitting 40K for the 3rd time I took an 8 hour break and watched all of the anime No Game No Life (fitting i know) before playing again around 10 am on Sunday.

When I logged back on i heard Fetty was top 10 NA and asked for his list. He was playing Ancient Gears. I then took his list and over the next 12 hours doubled my score from 32K to 65.38K top (most likely finish top 10 NA.

Over all I’m quite content with my final performance in this event as previous tournaments I almost always was in top 10 contention or locked for top 10 and attempted to top 100 but backfired.


Regional Rank (North America): 7


Regional Rank (North America): 8

0-30k: Metaphys. I felt like I had easy wins with the deck since most people in the beginning didn’t understand what my deck was doing. They would also get overly excited and commit 3 monsters to kill me through grit and get punished by a drowning.

30k-70k: Sams. So Andy (who was at my house for most of the weekend) decided to take a break and get food and on the drive there, we thought sams with d prison in the main would be a nice idea to try. And it worked out well for both of us. People would walk right into d prison while attempting to play around dual wield , and a lot of the time it ends up getting them otk’d.

Quickly my confidence shatters as I move from being the 3rd NA player to break 70k to going on a fat losing streak which ends up tilting me down 40K by the end of day 2.

30k-64k: So after a lot of my friends told me not to give up, I give it a try again day 3 and decide to use something with an auto win turn 1 button. I wanted multiple traps to prevent my sub monsters from losing to cards like ice and Maximus, while being useful vs a reactor dragon. Golem sentry is the worst card in the deck, and I can see myself maybe going down to 1 of it in the future.

I’d also like to give a shoutout to Andy, Jason, Grucius, and Haru for testing with me beforehand even tho we didn’t use many of the decks from testing besides the metaphys deck. Also would like to give a shoutout to Timmy, R-McMurphy, Grucius, Elvis, and my friends at home for trying to keep my spirit up when I did fall 40k. It was thanks to them that I managed to pick myself back up and I know I couldn’t have done it without them


Regional Rank (North America): 9

Spellbooks for first half, Subterrors for day 2, Red-Eyes day 3

Victor Li

Regional Rank (North America): 10

First of all, I just wanna say I actually started the RRQ without masked tribute cause I tried to farm it but keep getting other skills. So I start using AG first and that got me to 40k, then it became inconsistent and finally I played one LD match and got masked tribute. I then started using subterror and went up to 64k, then lost a few, and in the last minutes I went up to 64k again and decided not to play as I was in 9th place. One thing is for sure though, I am going to worlds next year for both TCG and Duel Links.

(editor’s note: FARM YOUR SKILLS KIDS)

Latin America


Regional Rank (Latin America): 2


Regional Rank (Latin America): 3


Regional Rank (Latin America): 9



Regional Rank (Europe): 1


Regional Rank (Europe): 2

After finishing 8th EU last year I thought I hadn´t really gave RRQ my best effort yet and this year I promised myself I wouldn´t give up on qualifying as easily as I did (I was happy with my gold icon back then, and still am, but you get it). Turns out this year we were no longer region locked (which is a good thing btw) and I decided to grind like a fiend but sleeping well the first two days no matter what, and thankfully it gave me the results I wanted and didn´t know I could achieve. Here´s how it went:

Day 1 I climbed with koaki blue eyes because it was the deck I got KoG day 1 with, and below 30 total victories so I believed in its cheese potential early on. It´s a fast deck that seems almost unfair going second thanks to sealed tombs. I think it got me up to 30k in the end so I was happy.

Day 2 was the worst. I began being stuck at around 33k and realized blue eyes koaki wasn´t good enough. I tried koaki neos and metaphys. Both not only didn´t get me higher but made me lose 11k in a single streak, which was pretty discouraging. After eating I switched to subterror neos and started winning a lot, especially after I decided to switch my 2 tth for 2 econ instead. From there on I didn´t switch decks at all and just trusted this was the best deck I had, not questioning it even in the losing streaks of 3-5 games, which of course still happened. I finished the day around 40k I think, and went to sleep again.

Day 3 I only played neos subterror, never changed a card either. I don´t know where my confidence came from but all my gratitude goes to the FO team. We all cheered each other up until the end, which for us in EU means staying up until 7 am. I made it all the way to third place, which was around 74k. Up until that point I was just focused on playing over and over again non stop, but once I made it the terror started. The top positions, which hadn´t moved for the last few hours, started rising and I was quickly in danger of either pushing too hard and losing my position in a lose streak or simply letting other competitors surpass me. Last year I would´ve said “well I got the icon so fuck it”. Not this time. After hours of uncertainty the last update score left me at 85k second place, with raw at third with 84 and grim at 80. This time I didn´t risk anything, I hope I don´t regret it whenever the results show up. Either way it was an honor to compete with these titans so good luck at worlds if I didn´t make it

It´s a very questionable list, I know. I did realize tth wasn´t good enough unless I went first in the mirror and switched to econ, which let me interrupt nemesis by taking over their masked monster. It was a consistent sack enabler along neos and masked tribute too, especially vs the likes of ag which tend to leave a face up mon turn 1, while also being strong going first in the mirror since it allows you to tribute your opponent´s nemesis/golem. The most questionable card is probably bacon, and I haven´t really done the test on whether it´s better than ad changer or a third canadia which I don´t even have (I´m mostly f2p btw)

I think this variant is the more consistently versatile version of subterror, if that makes sense. By that I mean it tends to have more lines of play than both ties and golem version, without needing to draw the 2 card combos of both of them

It´s probably not the most powerful but it can be extremely resilient thanks to neos, which lets you see a few extra cards in the games where your hand isn´t great

It also makes greedy players waste their sealed tombs turn on getting rid of it so you can play your subterrors at full force later


Regional Rank (Europe): 3

So now I can tell about my RRQ..The first 7 hours it started very bad because decided to play with AG and couldn’t reach 10k in the first 13hours..after that I decided to go with subterror with was actually my main deck (I even don’t know why I took AGs)..I went really smoothly with it and even could reach top 6 within the first day..day 2 I played consistently and could even reach top 3 (I struggled always against US players)…Sunday was actually the best day I was at the morning still at the 3rd place so I said I just play when I have to..At 10 pm then the shock 4th plays..I decided to calm down and said I wait till 1 AM to make sure and go all in..I didn’t lose the entire day a single duel (from 70k-84k)…even i just played almost 400 duels I didn’t sleep in the 72 hours…70 Red Bull’s are gone


Regional Rank (Europe): 5

I played ST Red-Eyes for most of my games this event, and it’s the only deck that I actually was able to climb with. I made some alterations, like swapping Offerings for Power of the Guardians or Buster Blader for D.D. Assailant but nothing huge. 2 days before the event Negative1 was nice enough to test his deck with me and he absolutely destroyed me so I was reconsidering my first choice of using Blue-Eyes. I tested Red-Eyes more the Thursday before the RRQ to get familiar with the match-ups and was good to go.

Day 1 I got to Rank 1 EU early but then wasn’t able to keep my consistent winrate up so I was ending at 17th. After a good 9 hours of sleep I was slowly making it up again and had a huge push towards the end of beginning of Day 3, getting me to 2nd. I was extremely nervous as I had an insane drop in the August KC Cup last year, so I didn’t want to risk anything. That was probably my main mistake. I waited til people surpassed me and was starting to grind again at night. I eventually hit a peak of 81k, only needing one or two more wins but I lost 3 in a row and wasn’t able to make it up again.

I wanna give 2 big shoutouts to Negative1 and Eugen Heidt for helping me throughout the whole event, calming me down when nervous or tilted and cheering me up after not getting it. This would not have been possible without them and I’m really thankful for their support.


Regional Rank (Europe): 6

Sadly I was busy during the RRQ weekend, If u add the times up i played, I played for around 1 day.

Day 1 I was top 2 for most of it b4 i had to leave and had a lot of catching up to do in the last 9 hours of the event when i got back home. When i srly competed Day1 i used Red-Eyes, on Day 3 everybody was playing red-eyes so i switched to something that counters it!


Regional Rank (Europe): 7

0-20k six 20k-33k buster 33k-40k subs 40k-50k metaphys; day 3 I almost gave up started from 40k and played only buster and reached 81k just few wins for top3 EU but lost 9 games in a row at 1 hour left I tried to recover but not enough time left ended around 72k.


Regional Rank (Europe): 8

First of all thanks for everyone believing in me that i can end on top 10 Special thanks goes to Negative1 for sharing his decklist with me, 1% Clan for pushing me and telling me to not give up. I started off with Subterrors which didnt work out too well for me, so I switched to Neos Koaki

I finished 2nd place EU on day 1 with that list at around 40k points. Day 2 I dropped down to 20k and got tilted. So I talked to my friend Negative1 and asking him what he is doing so well with and he told me about Red Eyes

I used that list to grind from 20k to 72k where I peaked and finished. This is my 2nd KCCUP I tryharded in and my 2nd one I ended with a good icon so Im happy with my performance overall. Also Goodluck for my friend Jason at worlds I know you gonna do well. For everyone that wondered what name I used, it was Bappleta cause its as cute as my son Rapple


Regional Rank (Europe): 9


Regional Rank (Europe): 10



Regional Rank (Japan): 1


Regional Rank (Japan): 2


Regional Rank (Japan): 3


Regional Rank (Japan): 4


Regional Rank (Japan): 5


Regional Rank (Japan): 6


Regional Rank (Japan): 7


Regional Rank (Japan): 8


Regional Rank (Japan): 9


Regional Rank (Japan): 10

Korea / Taiwan / Oceania


Regional Rank (Korea / Taiwan / Oceania): 2


Regional Rank (Korea / Taiwan / Oceania): 3

Kim Dol Phin

Regional Rank (Korea / Taiwan / Oceania): 8

DLTW [email protected]

Regional Rank (Korea / Taiwan / Oceania): 10

Asia / Middle East / Africa


Regional Rank (Asia / Middle East / Africa): 1


Regional Rank (Asia / Middle East / Africa): 2


Regional Rank (Asia / Middle East / Africa): 5


Regional Rank (Asia / Middle East / Africa): 8

This is my top 8 deck list. I was using 2 TTH first day instead of Cards of The Soul. Started with Koaki and didn’t get far with it, hit 30k and then dropped to 22k. I started using only subterrors day 2 and got to 40. However, I had to sleep Saturday night as I was called for work Sunday morning. The long hours away from the game affected my ranking badly and had to pick up again Sunday afternoon to peak at 72k which was exactly top 10 regional in the last update before maintenance. I made the decision to play as top 10 spot was in danger. Ended up dropping to 69k but still made top 8 after all. I wanna thank my team for making this less stressful in voice chat and @RaW for the cards of the soul tech (search Stygo/ cc then search nemesis) wishing my teammate and bro RaW good luck at Worlds. #itscomingHome #SunClan

More top 10 region decks will be added later.

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