Take-Out Tournament #2

Tournament Information

  • Players get to duel at their own pace within each round. Every round lasts 2 days and participants will get to schedule a time with their opponents on the bracket at their own convenience.
  • This tournament was organized by AshBlossoms and the X-Hunters team with a prize pool of $50! Be sure to join the X-Hunters Discord to keep up with future tournaments.
  • Started Saturday 4th August, 1pm EDT
  • Completed Monday 20th August, 1pm EDT
  • $1.99 entry (must be a Discord member)


  • 48 players
  • You must submit 2 decks
  • Best of 3
    • 6 rounds then top 16 cut
    • 3 card limit between decks
    • Cards limited to 1/2 or only obtainable at 1/2 count for both decks (e.g. only 1 Jinzo can be used)

You can view the full standings on smash.gg.

Top 4 Decklists - Prize Support: $73

1st Place - TristanP:

2nd Place - Deadfun:

3rd-4th Place - Gypsy:

3rd-4th Place - Lord:

Tournament information provided by AshBlossoms
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