Meta Weekly #6 Report

Meta Weekly 6 - February 10, 2018

What is Meta Weekly?

The Meta Weekly is one of Dkayed’s new tournaments that is held once a week, alternating between Tuesday 2pm EST and Wednesday 7pm EST. There is no player cap nor is there a deadline to join. Players can simply join up at the very last second!


  • One deck
  • No side deck
  • Single elimination

How to join

The Meta Weekly tournament is held for Twitch Subscribers only. By being a twitch subscriber you can buy tickets on the DLM discord for $2 each. These tickets can be kept for as long as you like. Each ticket gives you one entry for any Meta Weekly tournaments.

Meta Weekly #6

Total price pool: $222

First Place

3K All Day - $100

Second Place

ZachH - $56

Third/Fourth Place

Sasuke - $33

Third/Fourth Place

Brenduke - $33

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