Meta Weekly #45 - November 6th

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What is Meta Weekly?

The Meta Weekly is a tournament that is held once a week, alternating between Tuesday 2pm EST and Wednesday 7pm EST. There is no player cap, nor is there a deadline to join - you can even join at the very last second!

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How to Join

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  • 75 players
  • You must submit 2 decks
  • Best of 3
    • 4 rounds then top 32 cut
    • 3 card limit between decks
    • Cards limited to 1/2 or only obtainable at 1/2 count for both decks (e.g. only 1 Gravekeeper’s Visionary can be used)

Full Decktype Breakdown


Top 32 Decktype Breakdown


Top 4 Decklists - Prize Support: $150

1st Place - wayne kenoff:


2nd Place - Mr Mike:


3rd-4th Place - A Very Patient Player:


I’m glad I made it with Gem-Knights, here is the FTK, if you are so Lucky…

You must open Grass and Rock Golem/Obsidian, along with a LV4 Normal monster. Balance gives you a high chance of giving you 3 Monsters and 1 Spell/Trap

Grass, and hope you mill enough Lazuli and Fusions, along with a few Normals, if you can.

Try to fuse into either Lady Lapis or Lady Diamond with Obsidian or with a SSd Lazuli from Golem and get as many monsters SSd as possible.

Use Lapis with 3 mons on the field to mill a Lazuli and get a normal back, this should be 1.5k Damage.

Refuse into either Lady Diamond, or Master Diamond using Lady Lapis. Use Lady Diamond’s effect to send Lady Lapis to get Master Diamond. With Master out, Banish Lady Lapis and Send another Lady Lapis to the Grave to burn for 1.5k

Then finally fuse into the 2nd Master Diamond to leave 2 monsters left on the field: Your Master Diamond, and another SSd Monster. Then finish off your opponent with his effect to burn for 1k-1.5k Damage.

I found with Balance that if you don’t open with a Spell, my next turn will give you a spell the next turn, thus helping Prove that Balance affects your first 5 card Draws.

Use the other cards at your discretion to help you with defending yourself/burning harder, and that’s about it! !-)

I have a few videos demonstrating this FTK and I can give you a link to it to Demonstrate, along with my duels today. This was the first time I ever used this deck online.

I just got to upload them first. Thank You!

3rd-4th Place - Darcio:


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Thanks to Jadehex for the decktype breakdown.

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