Meta Championship Series #2 Report

MCS #2

Top 8 Players / Decklists - Prize Support: $1,450

64 Player Capped Tournament - September 9th 2017

Format: 2 Decks. 2 Different Characters/Skills. Must win with both decks. Double Elimination.

Top 8 Breakdown

5x Red Eyes Beatdown/TTTB

3x Psychics NMCR

​2x 3SD Ninja

1x 3SD Toon Barrel Dragon

1x 3SD Toon Barrel Red Eyes

1x Tea Mill

1x Mausoleum Invader

1x BLS Creator

1x Red Eyes Balance


Justin “Noah Kaiba” Taylor: $500


MCS #2 Sponsers

1st Place- ShootMyMantlet: $652

“My psychics were definitely my MVP, I played psychics for my first game in every match and it didnt lose a single time until the finals and even then they won the mirror match immediately after”

​2nd Place- Drizzy_Drake: $333

​3rd Place- Ddempseyw: $188

​4th Place- HarambeBae: $101

​5th-6th Place- 3_De: $43

Translation Note: Skill = No Mortal Can Resist

​5th-6th Place- TopDeckMcgee: $43

​7th-8th Place- AndyTsang: $43

​7th-8th Place- Tyl0o: $43

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