MCS #12 Announcement

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The Meta Championship Series is Duel Links’ largest and most competitive tournament held monthly for cash prizes. It’s where the best players compete for the largest prize pool in Duel Links with over $30,000 given out already!


  • 7 rounds + Top 32 cut
  • 2 Decks. 3 of limit. Character/Skill limit. Win with both decks.
  • 140 player cap. All X-2s make the Top Cut!
  • 10$ entry
  • 100% of entry + 100% stream donations are prize support.

How to Join

In order of priority:

You must message Gia Joestar (GiaJoestar#7730) or Justin Joestar (Justin Joestar#0666) for your invite and must purchase entry before September 29th or you lose your invite priority.

King of Games for September will receive the remaining invites September 29th at 5PM EST.

Subscribers receive “excess” invites that aren’t claimed/paid for on September 30th 2pm EST in the #sub-lounge.

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