MC Cup #41

Tournament Information

  • Hosted by MCBlueSkies
  • Held every Saturday 4 a.m. EST
  • Free Entry; $20 USD Prize.
  • How to join: Discord
  • Stream

The MC Cup is a weekly tournament that draws inspiration from the ladder/KC Cup events as well as the competitiveness of match play. The most fast-paced and ever-changing tournament in all of Duel Links. Your opponent can swap decks or cards every game without limit; adding another level to the competition. Will you outthink your opponent and overcome their strategy or will they swap on you when it is least expected and take the victory?! Run by the most down-to-earth organizers in the game. It’s a weekly event that anyone can enjoy. Competitors range from the best players in all of Duel Links to new players just wanting to have a great time. Come out and visit us. You won’t want to leave!


  • 99 Players.
  • 5 rounds of Swiss into Top 32
  • Best of 3. Finals is best of 5.

Full Standings

Top 4 Decklists - Prize Support: $20 USD

1st Place - Ryu Zane:

2nd Place - vhc31:

Top 4 - zeerein:

Top Tier Decks and Guides

Be sure to check out Guides and King of Games decklists for more top tier decks and guides on how to play them!

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