KC Cup: November 2019 - Top 100 Decks



This KC Cup took place from November 14th - 24th, with the second stage beginning on November 21st

Stage 1:

  • The first stage of the KC cup plays very similar to the ranked ladder.
  • Reaching DLV MAX qualifies a player for stage 2 of the KC Cup.
  • Gems, tickets, and gold are given to players for each DLV level.

Stage 2:

  • Stage 2 of the KC Cup follows an ELO system, with points gained/lost for each win or loss.
  • Duels are global and not region only.
  • Based on a player’s global ranking at the end of the event, they will receive a certain amount of tickets as well as other rewards.
  • The Top 500 players of each region will be eligible to play in the Regional Representative Qualifiers for WCS 2020, and be exempt from the WCS qualifiers.
  • Players who reached KOG rank for the 43rd season of ranked duels (August) are automatically entered into Stage 2, but can still play in Stage 1 to gain the rewards.


The player achieving the spot of #1 Global after the rankings will receive a WCS 2020 Invitation, allowing them to attend the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2020.

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2019

  • Last World Championships was held from August 10th to 11th
  • Unlike 2017 and 2018 that were held in Tokyo, 2019’s World Championships was held in Berlin, Germany.

Top 100 Decklists

These are the decks used by the duelists placing within the top 100 global ranking in the November 2019 KC Cup


Global Rank: 1


To start this out I would like to say that I had no intentions on playing invoked this cup. At the beginning I was even running crystrons because I believed it had the best matchup against invoked and blackwings but after 14k and 80-90% winrate I realized that playing crystrons was too slow of a strategy to win the cup and decided a switch was necessary. I was fully aware invoked sabers were the best deck before the event however I personally felt that the mirror match was too easy and because it was easy it would come down to luck. As it turns out, many people have no idea how to play the saber invoked mirror match and I was able to win many games thanks to this fact.

This was my build for a majority of my climb. Day 1 I had a second light saber over the 1 water saber because it was just so good in the mirror match for stopping invocation. Day 2 I was trying some different techs out to see what would be good against the meta when a friend of mine, tomvdelzen, told me he was first place in Europe and he was running forbidden lance to win the mirror match and to beat amano. Unfortunately, tom got tilted at one point and punched his closet, and its closet soul left this mortal coil. Day 3 I used this list exclusively and it won me the cup.

Shout outs:

  • Deadfun and Snyffus for helping me test decks for the event
  • zaidking for discussing the meta with me
  • tomvdelzen for telling me about lance
  • tomvdelzen’s closet for sacrificing itself to the spirit of the kc cup
  • superforms for discussing the meta with me and whose joke I just stole
  • MiguelJoker for sending me duel rooms where I practiced for kc cup
  • Everyone on my team, TZ, for being supportive and helping me remain calm in the cup
  • Dogs for being lovable
  • Everyone else who supported me, it means a lot <3


Global Rank: 2

F2P version, if I had the cards would be +1 bora -1 zephyrus +1 gale -1 breeze


Global Rank: 3


Friday: roids Saturday: Elementsaber Sunday: Elementsaber

I put end of day 2 a second malehu in and the earth monster out.


Global Rank: 4

So here we are. I used Roid invoked the entire event, switching between tth and econ when i faced more darklord. I ended 1st global day 1, 2nd global (with less then 100 points from 1st) day 2 and at the end of day 3 i was 4th. My main mistake was to sit on the 127k and gave all the time to negative1 to surpass me. When i tried to surpass his score i was too tired and tilted.

I have to thanks some people:

  1. NaW who helped me in so many ways. He helped me testing the deck, and testing the mirror match the day before kc cup. He also encouraged me a lot.
  2. AndyTsang who gave me 2 important suggestions: to try econ instead of tth for the darklord macth up and to keep playing when i was at 127k. Im so sad i that i didnt listen to his second suggestion.
  3. All the friends who pmed me and encouraged me like snyffus, murphy, haru, socram, and athors.

I will try again next kc cup. See you there guys.


Global Rank: 5


Global Rank: 6

1st of all fuck KCC now that i got my top10 i’ll never try hard again cause that was too stressful. I would like to thank all my TZ teamates and all my TCG clanmates for the support and special thanks to Tomvdelzen and Psych0p for showing me how to not play the deck.I only used Invoked saber just changing some techs here and there.It was my 1st KCC that i tryharded and my goal was top10 mainly and if things went better than expected i lowkey wanted the rank1 but after the 350 games mark i was too tired and had a headache so i just tried for the gold icon.


Global Rank: 7

I finished 7th global with this build and think it’s really good all around, with kite being really good vs many match ups.

Thank you to B&P and my friends for the support and being there to talk to during the event.


Global Rank: 8


Global Rank: 9

Played purely Amano to get Top 10 so it gets banned and i can play my Crystrons again

Syunsuke Hiyama

Global Rank: 10


Global Rank: 11


Global Rank: 12


Global Rank: 15


Global Rank: 17


Global Rank: 19


Global Rank: 22


Global Rank: 23

Just copy Pasta because i didnt have time to test lately So thanks to Chris.’s Meta weekly list for doing me a great favor! Didnt have much time but got me fast top100 with 64% winrate So i had to use a deck which was allready proven to be decent ( hopefully i will have more time for next kccup(s) )


Global Rank: 24


Global Rank: 25


Global Rank: 26


Global Rank: 27

Was playing 2 TTH, 2 CC, and Samurai in Bw deck and realized that counter trap is good so switched to it. Also used roid invoked with 50:50 ratio.

Super Radical

Global Rank: 28


Global Rank: 29


Global Rank: 30

Two Oh

Global Rank: 31

103k peak, tilted down to 90k in last hour , but this deck still doo doo


Global Rank: 33


Global Rank: 35


Global Rank: 37


Global Rank: 39


Global Rank: 42


Global Rank: 43


Global Rank: 44


Global Rank: 46

A-BF Fuji

Global Rank: 51


Global Rank: 54

Did most of my climb with ESaber (i cut the trap and a monster for 2 kite on gift advice, it was very good thanks) AND blackwings (i found 2 chidori was very good to pressure my opponents)


Global Rank: 55


Global Rank: 59

Playmaker EY

Global Rank: 61

Kawa Pea

Global Rank: 68


Global Rank: 69


Global Rank: 70


Global Rank: 71


Global Rank: 72

I used rbs at the start from 0-16k but the climb was too slow with them so i switched to chalice red eyes who had a really good matchup vs invoked especially roids from 16-55k, day 3 the meta was full of bw and dl so switched to offerings to sack them before they sack me.


Global Rank: 73

I used this list 1 in D1, that got me to 50k points, but i could not keep up with the amano decks, so i had so change the techs to be able to deal with them.

So i swapped to offerings, that helped me out with the amano and bw matchup. The invoker matchup was always the same: if you could keep sanctified in the grave you win, if you give them the opportunity to cc it, you lose.


Global Rank: 75


Global Rank: 76


Global Rank: 79


Global Rank: 80