KC Cup: February 2020 - Top 100 Decks



This KC Cup took place from February 6th - 16th, with the second stage beginning on February 14th

Stage 1:

  • The first stage of the KC cup plays very similar to the ranked ladder.
  • Reaching DLV MAX qualifies a player for stage 2 of the KC Cup.
  • Gems, tickets, and gold are given to players for each DLV level.

Stage 2:

  • Stage 2 of the KC Cup follows an ELO system, with points gained/lost for each win or loss.
  • Duels are global and not region only.
  • Based on a player’s global ranking at the end of the event, they will receive a certain amount of tickets as well as other rewards.
  • The Top 500 players of each region will be eligible to play in the Regional Representative Qualifiers for WCS 2020, and be exempt from the WCS qualifiers.
  • Players who reached KOG rank for the 48th season of ranked duels (January) are automatically entered into Stage 2, but can still play in Stage 1 to gain the rewards.


The player achieving the spot of #1 Global after the rankings will receive a WCS 2020 Invitation, allowing them to attend the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2020.

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2020

  • This year’s World Championships will be held from August 22nd to 23rd
  • World Championships will be held in USA, Minneapolis.

Top 100 Decklists

These are the decks used by the duelists placing within the top 100 global ranking in the February 2020 KC Cup


Global Rank: 1


I really did never think I’ll be able to win a kc especially after how much the game has evolved since 2 years ago with all the great players and decks around, so I’m very grateful to be able to have this moment.

My actual plan for the kc was to top100 but I found myself climbing at a decent rate and my friends supported me and told me to give it a shot for first place when I was thinking of stopping due to extreme stress and lack of food/sleep.

I started day 1 trying to figure out what deck(s) I’d like to climb with and noticed darklords was doing the best for me so I just kept sticking with that, I didn’t have a real plan before it started really so I did not have any predictions for the best deck. Nevertheless, I ended day 1 with around 80k points. Day 2 was also a successful day for me except towards the end of the day where I dropped from 90k to 76k but with the help from Negative1 and his Saber list which he gave I made it back and ended on 85k for the day. Day 3 I tried using sabers again but I noticed too many DMs so I went back to darklords and things got very critical towards the end. I stopped at 94k throughout most of the day because I was waiting till people caught up a bit since climbing was not easy to due the new elo system from konami, was fortunate enough to win 2 in a row a few hours before it ended, then when I noticed I was second and 3rd was catching up I had to give it a shot to win out and aim for first place, luckily it worked out again and ended vsing 30card shira and 26 st shira which did not make my final wins easy.

Shoutouts to my team for all their support and love <3, but exclusively jason for helping me figure out a deck for kc, Negative1 for helping me during the kc, Snyffus for being helpful when I wasnt sure what to do, Chris for testing with me before the kc, to all who congratulated me, and massive shoutouts to Eduu16 and machdragon who did more than what they had to in order to make my climb as smooth as possible, they kept telling best case scenarios for me and it all worked out really well, love these guys so much and wasnt possible without them. Good games to all and I’m very humble over this accomplishment.


Global Rank: 2


So another try; another fail.

  • Day 1 started kc cup with standard invoked 30 cards until 20k then used rb to reach 50k then stayied like that for the entire day 1
  • Day 2 reached 70k with ritual beast and invoked
  • Day 3 reached 97k with invoked 30 cards the Lost final game vs cyber dragon I used difference builds of invoked based on what was more popoular.

So I’d like to do some thanks:

  1. to NaW for helping me test and motivate and more for weeks
  2. to Jason / AndyTsang / Snyffus for relaxing with me during the event
  3. to my girlfriend for making me play on Valentine’s Day
  4. to haru for helping me test and motivate during the event
  5. to anyone who has cheered for me


Global Rank: 3


Before this kc cup I wasn’t really planning on playing much besides maybe getting top 100, but the curse of tasting gold is that nothing ever tastes the same. Most of my testing for this event was not for my benefit but so that I could help my friends do well in the event; I had a good feeling that elementsabers would be a strong choice and that was what I ran for most of my climb as well as what I recommended. Along the way I used ritual beasts a little but really sabers were my most successful deck.

  • Day 1 I climbed the most because there were a lot of ritual beasts and sabers and as long as you run tth and a low card count you should be fine. Finished with 71805 DP.
  • Day 2 I had a rough start and stagnated, but after swapping to wod and clash it was an incredibly easy climb. Nobody respects wall of d so you get a lot of free wins by them pushing with 3 monsters. Clash was good to prevent purgatrio from otking through set molehu, but also good to otk opponents with purg or play around wall of d; it functions similarly to current but also has better defensive utility. There is also the added utility of allowing you to recycle invocation even if they lancea which helped me win a few games. Finished at 97327 DP.
  • Day 3 was my hardest day and I dropped to 83k halfway through the day because of all the dark magician going around. I tried cyber dragons, dark lords, even mirror and nothing seemed to work. I took a minute to assess the situation and started using silent magician in my dark magician deck because I saw someone else trying it. I quickly moved back to first place global but ultimately zaidking and Grucius pushed at the end so I finished in 3rd place.

Overall I can’t be too mad about finishing third but after winning last kc cup anything less than first feels like I gave 99% and not 100%. I think I did a great job days 1 and 2 remaining level headed as I did not tilt at all, but day 3 I got frustrated by all the perfect dark magician hands and dropped a ton so that’s something I will have to work on going forward. Regardless, I’m really happy for zaidking since I know he’s gotten close before but didn’t make it in the past, and much love to zaidking and Snyffus because they are always great people to talk to whenever I’m playing kc cup. I can’t wait to meet everyone at worlds after all this time!


Global Rank: 4


Global Rank: 7


Global Rank: 8


Global Rank: 9


Global Rank: 10


Global Rank: 11


Global Rank: 12

First off all big thanks to Grucius for the whole testing. Aswell i have to thanks mudtke, oHiMi, Mithyard Drizzels, Snyffus, RaW to staying in the VC with me the whole Time.

  • Day 1: I know i had not much time to play on Friday so i tried to start early. My Goal was it just to make 20k to 6am EST. It Worked out and then i started at 4pm EST again. About the meta i cant say something because day1 i saw everything around.
  • Day 2: At the night Grucius told me not to go to sleep becasuse everywhere were Darklords so i played with 3 Wod to get my match up ready if i meet them. I ended up at 70k
  • Day 3: I struggled at 70k Points dropped to 60k and then in the end i came Back to 80k. The last 30min was intense and i throw 2 games. But in the end i made more points then i thought because i thought i cant play the kcc because i dont have that much time.


Global Rank: 13


Global Rank: 15


Global Rank: 16

Day3, I reached 92k. Then I thought I could get 1st place. But this result is my lack of effort. Btw, I played against grate players and I was really fun!! I’ll do my best to win the next KC. Great Job Zaid God. See you this summer.

Super Radical

Global Rank: 17

Magic Lee

Global Rank: 18

Matsu D

Global Rank: 19


Global Rank: 20


Global Rank: 22


Global Rank: 23


Global Rank: 24

Switched some techs around after day 1 since I was facing more invoked. I was able to hold top 3 global for a while on Saturday, but could not climb further since I began to face more DLs and dropped from 87k to 75k. I probably could have adjusted a third time, but it was still an amazing run and I’m glad I could still do well with this deck.


Global Rank: 25

Started with e sabers day 1 and quickly got to rank 1 global about 4 hours in. From there it went down hill and ended the day on 24k. Started Saturday by tilting down to 18k whilst trying different decks before switching to dark cav. Shoutout to my teammates on PHX who helped me keep my sanity in VC this weekend and special thanks to Ravi Serenity Lord Autumn Leaf MetalOverdrive for helping me refine the cav list.


Global Rank: 26


Global Rank: 30

  • day 1 74k whit rb st
  • end of day 2 drop to 40k bc jp ppl use dark cav deck
  • day 3 back to 70k whit dl dd and rb mmc also thanks Eduu16 zeeta vino and Negative1


Global Rank: 34


Global Rank: 35

  • Day1 started with 90% winrate 38:2(starter around 9am est Friday)and reached that way 35k in 4h had then a little back and forth and ended the 1st day on 55k.
  • Day2 I dropped to 42k had a little back and forth at 45-50k then and ended with a streak at 67k.
  • Day3 I got up to 75k but stucked around 70-75k for more then 2h so I stopped and helped others who wanted help since I already had top100 at that point in my back.

Played the whole time the exact same list.


Global Rank: 36

First day went pretty bad, i tried every possible deck, but only lords and sabers worked against the ritual beasts and 30c cards shiranui decks. So for the rest of the kcc i stucked with this 2 deck, and only changed the list a bit depending on my previous opponents. Sunday at 1 pm CEST, i hit my presonal best-ever ranking, top15 global, 2 k away from top10. Sadly a mental breakdown killed me, and from 77k i went down to 60k. The most interesting thing about this kcc was seeing how the 30 card spell specialist, my monster cards deck are more consistent than darklords with 3 rota, and 26-27 card sabers consistently opening better than 20 card sabers.


Global Rank: 37

  • Day 1: Played sabers only, very standard list but with 2 unending nightmare that helped me vs bw,dm and in the mirror, making me end day 1 with 62k
  • Day 2: Always the worst KCC day, in the 1st 4 hours or so i managed to drop down to 45k, so at this point i switch to Darklords and end day 2 with 63k
  • Day 3: Since day 2 ended up beign the way it did I slept for 12 hours and played with a much more chill approach day 3, Darklords were everywhere so i switched to 30c Shira, getting me really fast to the 70k mark which i told myself after what happened in day 2 i would stop at it


Global Rank: 40


Global Rank: 41


Global Rank: 43


Global Rank: 46

Only played 1 day in live stream Sunday. I used this the most and I only have 1 moleuh and no fiendish and only 2 purga. Made 70k


Global Rank: 47


Global Rank: 49


Global Rank: 50


Global Rank: 51