KC Cup - Top 100 Decks


This KC Cup took place from February 6th - 17th, with the second stage beginning on February 14th

Stage 1:

  • The first stage of the KC cup plays very similar to the ranked ladder.
  • Reaching DLV MAX qualifies a player for stage 2 of the KC Cup.
  • Gems, tickets, and gold are given to players for each DLV level.

Stage 2:

  • Stage 2 of the KC Cup follows an ELO system, with points gained/lost for each win or loss.
  • Duels are global and not region only.
  • Based on a player’s global ranking at the end of the event, they will receive a certain amount of tickets as well as other rewards.
  • The top 500 players of each region will be eligible to play in the Regional Representative Qualifiers for WCS 2019, and be exempt from the WCS qualifiers.
  • Players who reached KOG rank for the 36th season of ranked duels (January) are automatically entered into stage 2, but can still play in stage 1 to gain the rewards.


The player achieving the spot of #1 global after the rankings will receive a WCS 2019 Invitation, allowing them to attend the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2019.

Top 100 decklists

These are the decks used by the duelists placing within the top 100 global ranking in the February 2019 KC Cup


Global Rank: 1 | Regional Rank (Japan): 1


Global Rank: 3 | Regional Rank (Latin America/Caribbean): 1

  • Ancient Gears used from 0 - 55000 DP
  • Koa’ki Meiru used from 55000 - 65000 DP


Global Rank: 4 | Regional Rank (Europe): 1

KC CUP REPORT 4TH GLOBAL So i started kc Cup by using standards meta like koaki and ag or buster but was not super confident about them so i switched immediatly to an amazones deck i did weeks ago for kc Cup and finished day 1 with 24k day 2 with 50k day 3 i tried to reach the 1st Place in the last hour and went to 69k then dropped to 62k. About the deck: Vs ancient Gear its not that hard match up cause onslought doesnt care about reactor and swordwoman vs reactor ia already 1500 damage; that+ parasite and a willpower or a floodgate Can Be easily become a win vs ancient Gear. Vs koakimeru: of course was the worste match up cause koakimeru Can play trunade. fortunatly the first 2 days koakimeru used econ instead of trunade and that helped a lot. Also with the skill of parasite and 3 floodgate 3 wod you Can easily stall the game (if they have parasite on board they cant go for the full combo urnighkt+sandam+max) Vs spellbook: good match up Vs buster blader: usualy the deck Can win in more way: you Can set swordwoman and let that they Attack with the fusion and Just use Wall of d if they Attack with athors Monsters or you Can burn It with parasite After last gamble or lava golem their Monster.


Global Rank: 6 | Regional Rank (Japan): 3

Used from 0k to 60,746k


Global Rank: 7 | Regional Rank (North America): 2

Ended 7th Place Global, 2nd Place NA @ 60.4k

Day 1: Streamlined Vampire list from 0-35k Day 2: Sea Stealth Attack in tandem with Vampire to counter Ancient Gears and Control decks 35k-50k Day 3: Ancient Gears from 50k to peak 62k, finally ending at 60k.

shoutout to Negative1, Wayne, Serenity, and Smug for the discord call all weekend and shoutout to my teams FD and TiP


Global Rank: 8 | Regional Rank (Latin America): 2

  • Buster Blader used from 0 - 30000 DP
  • Koa’ki Meiru used from 30000 - 60000 DP


Global Rank: 9


Global Rank: 10


Global Rank: 11 | Regional Rank (North America): 3

Here is my deck for 11th place global/ 3rd place NA.

Notes: To survive koaki, you need to build a wall, then you can kill them with Econ from bling. Also koaki don’t banish diamond core right away because they want to play around canadia, so I cucked everybody with simultaneous loss

Report: Day 1 i got to 20k, day 2 I peaked at 34, but got super tilted and fell to just 8k. Day 3 I woke up and said ‘not like this’ and grinded for 27 hrs straight. I went from 8k to 57k in a single day. Shout outs to my teams Creeping Death and Hentai Shinshi, my friends: gift, plant, Near N, and Vic, and the group call with Stevie, serenity, Wayne and Neg 1. Credit to serenity for sending me a list to netdeck when I fell to 8k

Note: deck contains 2 Prismatic Enemy Controller

King Halo

Global Rank: 14

Victor Li

Global Rank: 16 | Regional Rank (North America): 4

Could have gotten global 1st if I played more and slept less like that jap kid!


Global Rank: 17 | Regional Rank (North America): 5

Took AG from 30k up to 59k but lost 5 games straight the last 30 minutes because I thought fuck it I just had to win 2 more games for first NA and now here I am fifth NA lol


Global Rank: 21 | Regional Rank (Europe): 3

Day 1 Vamps 0-15k, buster to 30k and then dropped to 24k.

Day 2- Vamps 24k-40k, dropped back to 28k so switched to ag after speaking with @Maximilian K. AG got me back to 35k by end of day 2.

Day 3- played AG all day. Yo-yoed between 30-40k most of the day. Finally pushed past 40k and finished up at 51k. Ebola were floods gates before I got tilted by successive trunade otk’s. Econ helped to get around amazoness queen.

Note: KaibaCorp Bling deck contains 2 Prismatic Enemy Controller


Global Rank: 22 | Regional Rank (Asia/Middle East/Africa): 1

Tons of koaki in day 1, so i use kcb vamps to deal with it. (I believe this is the best way to play against koaki) using 2 sphere and 3 canadia, switch to cosmic/ floodgate/ grimson depends on meta, keep the deck in 23 cards With assist of SB in some games, reached 30k Sealed tombs koaki with cosmic to play against tons of sb and bb atm, reached 40k Use multi decks to get 50k depends on meta (mvp: AG, get me Regional no.1)

Note: KaibaCorp Bling deck contains 2 Prismatic Enemy Controller


Global Rank: 24 | Regional Rank (Asia/Middle East/Africa): 2

I started with vamps for some easy cheese wins with econ. Kcb is busted paired with the best card in the game (even after 2 years). Then I switched to ags when Buster blader became more popular; I climbed until 48k but then I lost some games and faced the timer glitch cheater who stalled me in the game. I was very upset because konami hasn’t fixed it even after 1 year and so decided to give up and started playing memes with the intention of dropping to 0. Fortunately my friend @♠AP♠Sanouske talked me out of it when I was at 29k and climbed back up to 51k.

Note: KaibaCorp Bling deck contains 2 Prismatic Enemy Controller


Global Rank: 25


Global Rank: 28


Global Rank: 29

  • My spicy obelisk deck used from 35k to 50k, skill is KCB
  • By the way, when you try to use it to KOG, add one more floodgate and one outstanding dog marron to play like a half-stall deck
  • Note: deck contains 1 Prismatic Obelisk the Tormentor


Global Rank: 31 | Regional Rank (Asia/Middle East/Africa): 3


Global Rank: 35 | Regional Rank (Europe): 5

  • Spellbooks used from 0 - 32000 DP
  • Koa’ki Meiru used from 32000 - 50000 DP


Global Rank: 41 | Regional Rank (North America): 7

  • Koa’ki Meiru and Masked HEROes used from 0 - 30000 DP
  • Ancient Gears used from 30000 - 40000 DP
  • Koa’ki Meiru used until 50000 DP


Global Rank: 44 | Regional Rank (North America): 8

  • Played KCB Vamps the entire time, Vamps are by far my favorite deck in the current meta and draw sense Econ is busted.
  • Initial build to 20k
  • Final build I ran to 49.6k, swapped to canadias and added the trunade to help with buster and books
  • Note: Deck 1 contains 2 prismatic Enemy Controller, Deck 2 Contains 1 prismatic Enemy Controller


Global Rank: 52


Global Rank: 53



Global Rank: 64 | Regional Rank (Latin America/Caribbean): 9

Atlas - 5Degenerates

Global Rank: 69 (nice) | Regional Rank (Korea/Taiwan/Oceania): 4


I started with 24 card Bling Vamps to get to 25k, then just decided to test things like Koaki when I was stuck for a bit, but I found them to just be far too luck dependant to actually get anywhere with. Then decided completely on my own to switch to AG, which I used from 25k-49k.

Even though there’s not that much to it, played Canadia over Floodgate because the latter was useless most of the time vs all the Books players I kept seeing, and played 21 cards because that gave me easy deckout wins in the mirror, although I never actually needed to wait until that point to win.

Fun little stat of my own, in the final day where I played less duels I faced 21 BB, 16 of them rolled a 6, 1 rolled 5, and 1 rolled 4

Very happy with my 1st top 100 ever, and Dulling is a filthy netdecker btw


Global Rank: 73 | Regional Rank (North America): 9

Played this for most of the event, lost 8 in a row with Koa’ki and couldn’t pass 8k with Vamps, used this and it ended up clapping. Used this exact list for all of day 1 and half of day 2, cut the 2 FGTH for 3 Canadia for the rest of the day, and after the first few games day 3 I cut the E-Cons for 2 FGTH because of heavy Koa’ki presence. Also I got carried hard by this deck, and here are some stats from the event :GWrjkKappaPeek:

  • Roughly 90% of Koa’ki players opened Diamond
  • 95% of Koa’ki players that didn’t open Diamond lost
  • 80% of SB players opened SM+Fate
  • Saw a single 1 roll off of LG when I was nearing my 200th game
  • I scooped a game to Ice after I normal summoned a Reactor Dragon
  • This game is a meme, how the fuck did I do well


Global Rank: 76 | Regional Rank (Europe): 7

would have played with destiny draw if i had


Global Rank: 100

Started with bling books but soon switched to koaki when I noticed 70% of my games were against ancient gears; then i saw more variety and a fair amount of koaki so I played whilipinos buster deck from mcs but with floodgates over kuribohs; when started matching up against koaki running trunade every other game I ran stall buster blader, which is like buster blader but you just stall for the first few turns so that you make it to gamble turn and since gamble should net gain advantage you abuse last gamble maliciously and make everyone cry (also has a worse matchup against everything that isnt koaki lmao); buster stuck for a while until I saw a lot of ancient gears and koaki mixed together so I ran restart books because you aren’t surviving to use bling when koaki just trunade otk; finished with vampires because i was in a VC and I heard it was working out well.

Shout outs to Serenity, Stevie, Smug, and Alpha Wayne for talking with me through days 2 and 3 of the cup

Note: KaibaCorp Bling deck contains 1 Glossy Silent Magician

If you also ranked top 100 global, post proof in the DuelLinksMeta Discord or the comment below and we’ll add you here!

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