KC Cup - Stage 2 Begins!



This KC Cup takes place from April 4th - 14th, with the second stage beginning on April 11th

Stage 1:

  • The first stage of the KC cup plays very similar to the ranked ladder.
  • Reaching DLV MAX qualifies a player for stage 2 of the KC Cup.
  • Gems, tickets, and gold are given to players for each DLV level.

Stage 2:

  • Stage 2 of the KC Cup follows an ELO system, with points gained/lost for each win or loss.
  • Duels are global and not region only.
  • Based on a player’s global ranking at the end of the event, they will receive a certain amount of tickets as well as other rewards.
  • The Top 500 players of each region will be eligible to play in the Regional Representative Qualifiers for WCS 2019, and be exempt from the WCS qualifiers.
  • Players who reached KOG rank for the 38th season of ranked duels (March) are automatically entered into Stage 2, but can still play in Stage 1 to gain the rewards.


The player achieving the spot of #1 Global after the rankings will receive a WCS 2019 Invitation, allowing them to attend the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2019.

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2019

  • This year’s World Championships will be held from August 10th to 11th
  • Unlike 2017 and 2018 that were held in Tokyo, 2019’s World Championships will be held in Berlin, Germany.

The KC Cup is underway! Comment about your experience so far below! Stay tuned for the Top 100 Global Decks at the end of the tournament!

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