Giveaway Tournament #14

This is the fourteenth free subscriber-only tournament. It took place on July 31st at 7pm EDT, check out the some of the top 4 decklists below!


  • Free entry!
  • 240 players
  • Best of 3
  • Play ANY deck throughout games 1-3 (Top 4 submits decks beforehand)
  • Single Elimination

To join you must be subscribed on Twitch.

Giveaway Prize

  • $50
  • Top 4 receive their prize in the form of:
    • Paid/refunded MCS invite
    • Lifetime Discord
    • 5 Meta Tickets

You can view the full standings on smashgg!

Top 4 Decklists

1st Place - Wayne kenoff: $20

Finals Lists

Semifinals Lists

2nd Place - Serph: $10

Finals Lists

Semifinals Lists

3rd-4th Place - KiritoKun: $10

G2 and 3 changed Arrows for Cosmic Cyclone

3rd-4th Place - Herbel: $10

Top Tier Decks and Guides

Be sure to check out Guides and King of Games Decklists for more top tier decks and guides on how to play them!

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