Giveaway Tournament #10

This is the seventh free subscriber-only tournament. It took place on April 3rd at 7pm EDT, check out the some of the top 4 decklists below!


  • Free entry!
  • 248 players
  • Best of 3
  • Play ANY deck throughout games 1-3 (Top 4 submits 2 decks beforehand)
  • Single elimination

To join you must be subscribed on Twitch.

Giveaway Prize

  • $50
  • Top 4 receive their prize in the form of:
    • Paid/refunded MCS invite
    • Lifetime Discord
    • 5 Meta Tickets

You can view the full standings on smash.gg!

Top 4 Decklists

1st Place - King Swagbodi: $20

2nd Place - Ignited Sperm: $10

3rd-4th Place - Nix: $10

3rd-4th Place - monkeyboy44: $10

Glossy Diamond Core

Top Tier Decks and Guides

Be sure to check out Guides and King of Games Decklists for more top tier decks and guides on how to play them!

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