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Giveaway Tournament #1

Top 4 Players / Decklists- Prize support: $

Format: 180 players. Elim 3 rounds. 1 deck, any amount of characters/skills, 5 card side deck.

Top 4 Players / Decklist’s- Giveaway Pool :

1 out of the 3 prizes = free MCS invite, lifetime discord, or 5 meta weekly tickets.

Check out the top 32 standings here!

1st Place: $175 Tutpup -Giveaway Tournament

I thought the giveaway tourney was fun. I think it was a little mix of compettive and non-competitive players, and even some top players that didn’t play very meta decks, but overall it was very competitive, especially the top 32 cut.

I think I won using Bamboo CA because Bamboo CA is broken. A lot of people/teams have worked on Bamboo CA versions, and as far as I know Andy created the most consistent version when I playtested with him. Andy and I was planning on saving Bamboo CA for DLPT 13, but DLPT banned the Bamboo cards when they announced that they were looking into them. On top of that Andy and I both figured that Konami would announce the Bamboo ban before MCS, thus it would get banned from the MCS, which is what happened. So the Giveaway tournament was the last big tournament where we could actually use Bamboo CA, so we both ended up doing that.

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2nd Place: $40 Xanxus -Giveaway Tournament

The Deck is great and in my oppinion the way Gb actually should go (maybe with the new minibox things will change again)! I used no mortal can resist, because the red eyes and the hazy matchup is not really in the favour of gladiator beasts. Tbh this skill won me so many matches, because it helped to get more control over my opponents. If I remember correctly I played against 5 or 6 Red Eyes Decks in the complete tourney and I won them all - so it was a good choice. The other matchups are usally no problem for gb. Only the bamboo decks are really hard to play against. I remember an opponent who played a bamboo deck with monarchs and soul exchange - this was my hardest win in the tourney: Thanks to the bamboos I saw the most part of his deck, so i knew that he had not so many monster to normal summon without tribute. After I lost the first duel I changed my playstyle: I attacked with my gb and tagged them out for murmillo, so that murmillo( I played 2) can destroy hisself by his card effekt. This won me the match! All in all my deck can handle everything except luck (In the 5th round I bricked 2 times with a 5 monster hand really hard - sadly this can happend in the game, even if you play only 8 monsters….)

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3rd-4th Place: $10 Puzoor -Giveaway Tournament

This was my first duel links tournament and at first I was not expecting to do well at all. Swiss format was cool to play more sets and more people. I was already familiar to using smash.gg since I also play smash bros competitive. so it was easy use the website, which I think its the best for tournaments. In the first few sets I played a lot against hazy flame, which is one of my most experienced match ups with glads, so that helped me out to build a lead on my pool. I got to a 8-0 game streak, managing to catch Dkayed’s attention on stream. I play versus Cpt.Insano, REZ expert on stream unfortunately I got kind of nervous since it was my first time playing on stream, to 1k people watching, then led to some misplays from my end, which ended up on a 2-0 for him. Afterwards I play Tutpup, off stream, and got pretty much destroyed by his CA bamboo build hahaha!!! At the end of the Swiss pool, I managed to qualify for Top 32 with a 4-2 set count. at this point I thought I had been quite lucky to get that far, since I had no expectations of doing well whatsoever from there, the matches got even harder, where all my wins were on close games, I believe the sets were all 2-1 as well. First I play another Hazy deck (Bremklotz) where I feel like Wall of Disruption and Windstorm clutched me the win then I face off Dueling, another Gladiator player, where I lost the first game but used my side deck to get an advantage with enemy controllers and get Top 8. I played Gia Joestar, on stream this time I wasn’t as nervous, so I feel like that helped me play better although it was my first time interaction against a Dark World/Fiends deck. I managed to clutch out the win with a Cosmic Cyclone play which led to my victory and first time Top 4 finally, I meet Tutpup again on my bracket, where he 2-0s me once more, ending my run. So overall it was a great experience for me, definitely had a lot of fun playing and got determined to enter more tournaments like the Meta Weeklies or MCS.

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3rd-4th Place: $10 Sasuke -Giveaway Tournament

It was really fun i had a great time. It was also really competitive which i also liked a lot. I placed top 4 i believe so that was kind of exciting. Also got to show a nice tech I been using in REZ called Forbidden Dress.

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