Divine Pro Circuit: Trio Tournament #3

Tournament Information



  • 129 Players
  • 3 Duelists Per team
  • 1 deck per player (No side)
  • Each player determines a lead duelist
  • Once a players deck is defeated they are eliminated for the round and must send in thier next duelists deck to counter the winning opponents deck.
  • First team to eliminate all three opponents decks win the round.
  • Konami Banlist Implemented
  • Beatdown can only be used once per Duel
  • Light and Dark can only be used after taking 1000 LP Damage
  • Master of Destiny can only be used if you have 7 Coinflip Cards.

Full Standings

Top 4 Decklists - Prize Support: $30 USD

1st Place - Team Haram Boyz:

Players: HegelianBoi, RaW and yasser

2nd Place - Team Naughty Dolphins:

Players: Osama, Shinigami and Mugiwara

3rd/4th Place - Team Chidori:

Players: Lightning, Shark 009 and Zangetsu

3rd/4th Place - Team Joggers:

Players: zaidking, Eduu16 and Snyffus

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