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We are Twist Of Fate. A group of players who have gone through the duel links community unnoticed and are looking to change that.


DrStrangeMcDuck The dead inside clan leader
WolfTheLegend The saving grace
Ris The Brains
NoCopyright The Anti-Meta Maniac
OMAC The slightly larger Big Mac
SupremeDark The Edgy felgrand dragon
Risky The best Loli
edudbo The 100% not from EU player
Chewy_Sunhat The Star Trek Guy
TigerJ The Anime Guy.
PoisnX The Papa Corn Flakes lover
CypheЯ GZ The “I’m only here to play Darcio” player”
MrChocolate3D The one person who refuses to eat chocolate

In the end. We’re just like you. People who love good memes

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