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Duel Links Meta

Chillin with Chilah

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CwC is one of the oldest teams in the duel links era, Founded by Chilah but is run by Zeppelin in Clan Wars due to Chilah having a life and the opposite for Zeppelin.


Zeppelin Clan Leader, Brief Stint in Top 100 KC Cup with Monarchs, Meta Weekly Champion
Chilah Founder and MCS Champion
BigHouse Finished 2nd place in Clan Wars Season 1 for top player with a 11 W Record
SmugAnimeGirl Finished 5th place in RRQ for NA
Aankara Mod, Streamer, and event organizer
TsunTsun Worlds competitor representing Japan, Multiple top 10 in KC Cups
Genkaiten Multiple KC Cup top 10's
Serenity Former Top Player Council, Spellbook Expert, the baby of the family, Multiple top 10 KC Cup Finishes
Mixed_Master7 Multiple MCS tops including a recent top 8
Drackmord The sexy Italian Stallion
Matthew_T10 Mod, Streamer, and event organizer
kwrowe Former Top Player Council, multiple MCS tops, alien deck expert
HS_Shadow Yo Frankie
Hoorcules I mean does Larry David need any explanation?

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