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ADL Extra Credit

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ADL Extra Credit is a new team to TW & CW this season, debuting with a blended mix of humor, brilliance, and tenacity as we navigate these new waters.


Mismagical Clan Leader - The founder of this team that has an avid appreciation for spicy decks and techs.
0sincara Clever lad that always knows how to navigate a tournament with a good deck, and a little spice on the side.
AceofSpades As the name implies, often has an ace up his sleeve when dueling; pulling out some unexpected skills or techs.
APK♠️ TheEgg69 Master researcher and tactician, never goes into battle without an egg-cellent game plan.
Laz The face of this epic community, he brings the heat when its warranted, and has a dash of Cyber Style while doing so.
LiLJimmy Our unofficial mascot, he helps manage CW this season, and always brings a headstrong attitude to every battle he faces.
Moonestone The silent but deadly member of this team - shows cause when he's needed and never afraid to throw down.
Saber Alter The definition of a Bookworm; always studying ways to improve his favorite decks and keep them relevant.
Zzmondo The guy who shows up looking to duel and chew bubble gum, and runs out of bubble gum - always crafting some spice to bring to mirror matches.
♠️AP♠️Sanouske Cool, calm, collected, but knows how to take names and charge up when he's on the dueling field.
♠️Blackgundam Knows how to pilot a deck effectively - never one to give up when the going gets rough.
♠️Tenma Easily gets a 10/10 for how explosive his first turn plays can be. Have that lucky charm out facing off against this guy.
Killerscorp942 Our resident expert for all manners of rogue decks, this guy doesn't just bring the spice, he brings the entire spice rack! Don't underestimate.

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