Duel Links Meta

Duel Links Meta


Clan Logo 1%


We are the 1% Clan, an exclusive luxury clan for top-tier players with expensive taste in cards.

  • 1% of the community providing 99% of the revenue
  • Oldest clan in DLM Clan War
  • DLM Clan Wars Season 1 Champions


NerdChic #1 Whale
Kagami Investment Expert
Jonesy9027 Content Manager
superforms TPC Boss/Season 1 MVP
Zaramos OCD Expert
Jason Jason Chu
Cesco Japanese Expert
Orangecide Luck Expert
Prototype Zephyr Burn Expert
Deadfun Stall Expert
haru The Greatest Showman
Dyo Kono Dio Da
look at god WCS 2018 Finalist
  • Season MVP is the player with the most wins during the regular season

Clan Server