Duel Links Meta


About: I'm 23 and living in the middle of the USA. Played the card game hyper-casually as a little kid but never really fully learned the game until I picked up on Duel Links when it came out. Most of my early knowledge came from DuelLinksMeta streams and Discord and later stuff came from playing with my Team Wars (and now also Clan Wars) team Creeping Death - shoutout to those guys!

  • Some of my more recent tops include:
  • Two 2nd places in Meta Weeklies along with a large handful of top cut performances
  • MCS 11 top cut
  • Top cut for all 3 X-Hunters Take-Out Tournaments
  • A handful of 2nd-8th place tops for PDS tournaments
  • Summer League MVP for Team Wars
  • Top Player Council

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