Dinos Deck by [qtp] eli ;) - Dino Expert

King Of Games

Notes from [qtp] eli ;) - Dino Expert

Long have we waited, Six Sam negated, Dinos activated but this time we are finally able to fit in the neos engine in the deck. The new skill Masked Tribute is pretty much broken in this deck cause it makes your survival's end activate at any time and combined with neos you have a really good turn 1 opener with a monster that is protected once and you have an attack negate AND you can destroy 1 card with your survival's end and summon a Sally or a Megalo at the end to go for lethal next turn. I also decided to play at least 1 megalosmasher x cause there are situations where you have 2 survival's end on the field and you have to destroy more than 1 card in your opponent's turn. Survival's end is also a really strong counter to Subterrors because you can just use their normal monster they summoned off of Masked Tribute to summon a dino from your own deck. I hope that this deck will get even better with the upcoming Hassleberry event and i also hope that this list will make at the tier list again.

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